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Birchington Bowls Club & Tennis Courts

Section 5 - Health safety policies

Document 7.1 Health and Safety Policy Statement.doc Document-7.1-Health-and-Safety-Policy-Statement.doc 163.5 KB Document 7.2 Amateur Sports Club - Safety Guidance.docx Document-7.2-Amateur-Sports-Club---Safety-Guidance.docx 135.9 KB Document 7.3 Health & Safety Management (Bowls England).docx Document-7.3-Health-&-Safety-Management-(Bowls-England).docx 130.6 KB Document 7.4 Health and safety checklist for Cluhouse and Surrounding Area (Not Playing Area).docx Document-7.4-Health-and-safety-checklist-for-Cluhouse-and-Surrounding-Area-(Not-Playing-Area).docx 139.6 KB Document 7.5 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.docx Document-7.5-Control-of-Substances-Hazardous-to-Health.docx 133.6 KB Document 7.6 Manual Handling Regulations.docx Document-7.6-Manual-Handling-Regulations.docx 131 KB Document 7.7 Manual Handling Procedure.docx Document-7.7-Manual-Handling-Procedure.docx 155.2 KB Document 7.8 Ladder Safety Policy and Checklist.docx Document-7.8-Ladder-Safety-Policy-and-Checklist.docx 139.3 KB Document 7.9 Incident - Accident Report Form.doc Document-7.9-Incident---Accident-Report-Form.doc 165.5 KB Document 7.10 Preventing Slips and Trips - A Brief Guide.docx Document-7.10-Preventing-Slips-and-Trips---A-Brief-Guide.docx 122.3 KB Document 7.11 PAT Testing - Policy and Procedure.docx Document-7.11-PAT-Testing---Policy-and-Procedure.docx 134 KB Document 7.13 First Aid Policy and Procedures.docx Document-7.13-First-Aid-Policy-and-Procedures.docx 19.8 KB Document 7.15a Fire Evacuation Plan.docx Document-7.15a-Fire-Evacuation-Plan.docx 189.8 KB Document 7.15b Fire Evacuation Notice.docx Document-7.15b-Fire-Evacuation-Notice.docx 40 KB