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Social Members Notice 2021

By Mark Hinds Birchington Bowls Club & Tennis Courts

Thursday, 1 April 2021


Birchington Bowls Club & Tennis Courts Contributor


Dear Social Members

We are so much looking forward to seeing you all. If any of you feel able we would be very grateful for extra help on SET UP DAY.

Monday 12th April 2021 at 9 am will be Set Up Day and many hands are needed, there will be some re-staining of the Clubhouse to be done and many jobs around the grounds, benches, equipment checks etc. The formal cleaning that takes place in the kitchen may not be the same as we can’t use this until 17th May at the earliest. But we will cleaning, dusting and polishing.

The tennis courts are now open for restricted play and as social members you can play for £2 per person providing you have your own equipment. Covid rules mean we cannot hire out our equipment yet.

The Social Roll up’s will be between 10 am and 12 noon most days from Monday 19th April. Also the regular Monday Roll up at 2.30 pm will start. Dress is informal at these times. Roll ups must still abide by distancing rules leaving a rink free between each group.

Social members are required to pay £2 per person per session, LAST YEARS FREE FOR ALL has finished. If you have online banking you can make a transfer providing you identify the sport and number of sessions. Or you can pay in cash on the day to any FULL member who will issue a receipt.

The club has suffered a drastic loss of income over the past year but rent and services have had to be maintained, so we are reliant on your goodwill and honesty to help us back to where we were before this pandemic struck.

The Bar cannot open for indoor drinking, so no planned Sundays until 22nd May, but the bar may be open on an ad hoc basis for outside service when a Bar person is available. No Catering, so bring your own drink and snack.

Polling Day 6th May so no Roll ups allowed, TDC want to do a deep clean prior on the 5th May so some restrictions for Roll ups may occur then.

We hope the first Social Evening will be on Saturday 26th June OPEN TO ALL Bar, possibly bring your own food, BBQ?? We are still planning, make it a date.

Full members who are doing roll up must collect Social members fees for Bowls and issue a receipt at the time. There can be no more free go’s.

GPC of BBClub 1st April 2021

Contact Information

Mark Hinds

  • 01843 841086
  • 07780002831

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