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Club Maintenance

By Mark Hinds Birchington Bowls Club & Tennis Courts

Thursday, 18 November 2021


Birchington Bowls Club & Tennis Courts Contributor


Dear members,
Following on from discussions at AGM
Thank you to those members who have expressed an interest in taking a more active role in the general upkeep of the club.
And of course thank you to the small band who continue to turn up on Monday mornings.
Let's give you an idea of whats needed and what we try to get done, but in essence it's like maintaining your own home or garden.
Spring through autumn is by far the busiest time as everything grows.
1) there is always weeding.
2) the verges are cut every week, sometimes more often.
3)perimeter hedges are trimmed about 3 times a year.
4)have I mentioned weeding?
5) block paving is cleared of moss and weeded (see the theme?)
6)shrubs cut back as required.
7)regular tip run to get rid of the weeds etc, grass cuttings are distributed around the perimeter edges to suppress weeds.
Autumn winter, a little easier but leaves drop so have to be cleared and all the above is still ongoing but to a lesser extent.
We are very happy to take on ideas, none of team are gardeners, if you have an idea on how to improve things let's hear them and have a go.
We meet on a Monday morning at 8am and leave about 10 after tea and biscuits.
If Mondays work, but 8 is too early, come later, if it's before we leave we can give you an idea of what's been done and what's left to do if you wanted some direction.
Basically anytime you turn up it will be appreciated.
All tools are supplied and I will mark the padlock keys to the sheds.
Club maintenace.
There really isn't a plan, but perhaps we should have one.
We repair when we can, if we can't do it we bring a trade in.
It's doing things that need to be done as we spot them.
As the club is all wood it needs to be treated every couple of years.
There's internal decorating (painting) , as things get tired.
This hasn't been done in a while due to size of job and numbers.
Once the extension is completed hopefully
we may have the chance to rectify this and give it a freshen up.
None of the things we do are glamorous, sometimes it's messy and can be hard work, alas it has to be done.
The more members who help the easier it is as it is a big area both inside and out.
Please feel free to give me a call, failing that let's hope to see some of you on Monday.
Kind regards
Maintenance team.

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