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Closing down day 2021

By Mark Hinds Birchington Bowls Club & Tennis Courts

Tuesday, 14 September 2021


Birchington Bowls Club & Tennis Courts Contributor


Dear members,
On the 4th of October we intend to wrap some of the external parts of the club up and put them to bed for the winter as it is shut down time. .. Yes it has come around too quickly.
To that end we are looking for some volunteers to give us a hand as you did in April.
Be assured, nothing too arduous is entailed.
Benches need to be put away into mens changing rooms, mats out of the ditches (brushed and stored).
If we have time and numbers we might even get to get the grass in the compost bin spread out to suppress the weeds, once we have weeded of course!
Numbers really do make the tasks so much easier.
Additionally on behalf of the clubs
gardening and maintenace team can we thank you for doing your bit.
We appreciate that not everyone can make Monday mornings (thanks to all that do) the truth is we don't mind when or what members do or when they show to help to keep the place maintained and the gardens tidy.
Any help is appreciated.
Going forward the teams numbers will unfortunately be reduced (from an already small number) through personal circumstances.
So you lucky people there are vacancies!
There isn't an application and as we know you, you will certainly be offered a position.
We can't guarantee the weather, or the tea but can guarantee that you will make a difference.
Thanks for your support.
Any questions please talk to Mick, Bob and Andy.

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Mark Hinds

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