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GPC minutes May 2022

Attendance: Bob Barclay, Andy Ennis, Carol Fisher, Barbara Hafford, Mark Hinds, Val Winch and Pam Goodwin in her role as Tennis Administrator.

 Apologies:  Judith Alder

The Chairman opened the meeting and proposed that Pam Goodwin be seconded onto the GPC until the AGM in November this year in accordance with the Constitution.  Pam was happy to comply and fill the vacancy caused by the absence of Dean Prescott, who hopes to serve on the GPC in the future when work duties permit.


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Mark Hinds and seconded by Val Winch


Matters Arising

CF write to Mr Little with names and column headers for the Honours Board DONE – correction to R Waters (no L) this will be corrected in the next couple of weeks.

CF respond to TD regarding new Fire Exit DONE

CF to install 1 page Induction Synopsis on Notice Board DONE

MH to update website on various documents to reflect the accessible facilities and officers DONE

CF to contact Sovereign Sports to correct angle iron support DONE still to happen 25th April call & 10th May Steve inspected on 18th May  - report in AOB

CF thank you letters for work done and furniture donated DONE

JA to photograph knitted bowlers and see if any funds can be raised by their auction  TBA

CF to change the standard letters to reflect the hut duty details and increase penalty to £10 DONE

CF to respond on GDPR query with copies of documents already on file and website DONE & on Notice board

CF to produce list with help for exclusion list to hut duty  DONE but must find alternative reward

CF Up to date locker lists necessary for both Men and Ladies – consult DONE keeping up to date

PG to invite tennis members to social and viewing of the refurbished clubhouse on New date to be decided.


Treasurers report (V Winch)      

Bar takings 11 April  to 21 May                                                   3173.53

Stock spend                                                                                        2257.81

Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

We need to register our Defibrillator on national site called

Invoice for Val Mr Little – he will correct R Waters

We need more signage – discuss please in AOB

Certificate of Completion sent to Terry Dunn – FP/00751/18 the one we want is F/TH150409 can I have a copy for the file.

CCTV suggestion by MH have one quote – KTS Ltd

WiFi suggestion by BB and MH possibly a TV expensive

MBRA to book for Tuesday 14th June 5pm to 7pm for £40


Fixtures (M Hinds)

No Problems at the moment, all working out well.  All agreed that Mark had done a good job getting fixtures this year.   New Romney were not very welcoming this year to us, we will have them come to us next year which we must honour. However this fixture will be reviewed for the next AWAY fixture.

Many of the Men are reluctant to play away or put down names for away matches.  There is no problem with  the Ladies names, for the first time in years we have plenty of applicants which is very good.


Refurbishment & Maintenance (Andy Ennis)  - Gardens and Green (Andy Ennis)

The Green will be mowed on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. A heavy duty roller will be brought in to iron out the bumps. Some weed patches are being worked on.

Maintenance – Electrics had a visit today, to look at putting the Heater switch in the Ladies Changing Room for the Ladies Toilet, Light in the Mower shed. Plus he will quote us for CCTV later this week (bringing the quotes to 3)

Men’s Changing Room roof has had patch repairs, we must get a quote to do the whole roof asap.


Bar (M Hinds)

Craft Ales are very well received and we are not keeping up at the moment – they will be £3 after the Bank Holiday. The Spitfire Lager on tap has really taken off and we will be looking at getting a PolyPin for big events. Storage is a problem so we have to monitor and order accordingly. The umbrellas to be chased up this week.


Social (B Hafford)

Canasta was cancelled on the 11th and the 18th May however the dates are on the notice board now


Tennis (P Goodwin)

Tennis numbers are low, only 24/28 at present. Now the weather is better and life is easier with regard to covid, is it worth doing a leaflet drop round the local area to try to increase numbers?  A leaflet drop is hard work and the facebook pages locally seem to reach a wide audience so maybe a junior and adult poster could be uploaded to do the job more effectively with less personal effort. Consult Liz for master.

Two members have asked about coaching, either the club providing it or bringing in their own coach. A tennis member can bring in their own coach providing the coach pays the non member rate of £5 per hour.

Would it be worth setting up a booking system on Facebook so the tennis players can know that they can play in advance?  Maybe encourage those on the Tennis Members facebook page to message each other.

I am a Cricket Coach and would like to run “Quick Cricket” on the courts is this acceptable?  Yes a great idea.  Contact will be made to local secondary schools for interest.

Walking netball attracts at least 14 most times so the fee is really reasonable, Should we charge £30? Yes as they normally book for 1 ½ hour sessions in the summer.

I think the fees for both the tennis and the hire of the courts should be increased probably next season. Most places charge £25/£30 for hire. This will be reviewed and probably implemented. It will however impact on the Walking Football who currently pay £20 per session (having charged and managed the individual fee themselves) but they spend a lot in the bar each time.


BH – Received a text asking if JA could run a Jubilee Drive – all players would pay £2 a head with the proceeds going half to charity and half in prize money. A 4 pm start and Full and Social members encouraged to bring nibbles. This was agreed and well received.

The new Patio area should be for relaxing and watching the game, not for bowlers to scatter and leave their bowls bags and other equipment on.  A Notice to this effect may be required if such abuse continues.

Reminder to be sent out to Social Bowlers to the effect that it is their responsibility to come in and pay their fee to the Hut Duty person before play commences, It is not for the Hut Duty person to chase them. An email will be sent and maybe Judith could do a friendly notice on the facebook and web in her gentle manner.

With regard to petrol money for lifts to matches, the Ladies are definitely paying £3.50 for long journeys and £2 for local.


AE Do we have anyway or means of supporting players or ex players who may not have the means to be full members in their later years but could be an asset to the club?

The GPC discussed at length and feel it may become a precedent, however they asked for a suggestion to be submitted that could include taking on tasks not usually done by current members. We wait for further news.

CF – CCTV quote from KTS was deemed to be expensive, however two more are expected. The members questions the need as we have not had problems for years. The kids concerned were rude and about 11, 12 or 13 years so maybe a one off!!

I was advised that Telephone providers are offering WiFi at very good rates at present we should look at Business Rates with PLUSNET

Signage for the Accessible Toilet and Ladies Toilet should be displayed above the doorway next to the Ladies Changing Room – I will investigate

The Tennis Courts were inspected by Steve of Sovereign Sport on Wednesday 18th May, the surface has minor flaws that will be rectified and the divider net runners will be freed up. A new centre strap for court 2 and repairs to the winding handles of the posts will be done during the next few weeks

They will quote for a new Upright Angle Iron at approximately £50 plus labour for a half day job.


BB Reminder that Open Day members should wear Greys with Club Shirt to be recognisable for visitors. Diana is doing Bacon Rolls

2 proposals from DK re Walking Treasure Hunt and Bowls Training for new members by experienced members as detailed in the proposal. Both were given the go ahead and have been advised to the proposer and copied to GPC members.



Meeting closed at 12.00 noon 


Date of next meeting 4th July at 10.00 hours in the clubhouse.


Actions to be taken

CF/VW contact PLUSNET re WiFi offers including all calls.

PG to speak with Secondary schools etc re Quick Cricket provision

PG to contact Liz P for master Adult leaflet similar to the Junior version we hold

AE to obtain quote for replacement roofing on Mens Changing Room

CF to email all social bowlers about their responsibility to pay before play

JA to do the above in her friendly way for the facebook and website

CF to produce and invoice for MBRA re 14th June meeting 5-7pm

CF to find signage for Accessible Toilet & Ladies Toilet – Larger Size

CF to contact DK about proposals agreed by GPC