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GPC Minutes March 2022

Attendance: Judith Alder, Bob Barclay, Carol Fisher, Barbara Hafford , Mark Hinds, Val Winch and Pam Goodwin in her role as Tennis Administrator.


Apologies:  Andy Ennis


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Mark Hinds and seconded by Barbara Hafford


Matters Arising

Carole Baker needs Competition Blank Forms for use these have been supplied.

CF to send Mark H a new application form and to print a quantity for the notice board. - Done

CF to email SP re Bowls England Ladies Top Club entry asap – Sylvia says not this year

CF – Bike racks assembled and sited rear of Men’s Changing Room

CF to ask PG to attend the March meeting as a guest for tennis input. - Pam was welcomed today

VW and CF meet with TD to finalise induction format manual – Done on 9th March –  group Induction set for Wednesday 30th March at 10.30 am in the clubhouse – 29 members advised by email.

JA – to create article for Birchington Magazine – after much communication and costings assessed it was decided not to pursue this further.

JA -  to issue an appeal for volunteers to come and paint etc. - Done and a very good team is on site now.

AE – to finalise carpets plan etc. - start date 24th March could take a week.

PG – to send friendly notice via email to 2021 tennis members to remind them to rejoin at the full fee as the Spring and better weather coming. Pro Rata only available in the 1st Year of Membership. - Done

PG – to invite tennis members to view our new refurbished club and accessible facilities before the season starts on 9th April – date confirmed as Monday 4th April at 7 pm in the evening with bar open.

VW to produce Fixture books asap. - In progress and will be issued in due course.


Treasurers report (V Winch)      

Have paid the builder up, paid part of the electricians bill and flooring people, have paid for the flooring only. Decorators have had money for some goods and have bills for another £138 not included in the above figures. We also will have a bill due for Groundcare for work up to date.


Bar takings to 14 February to 13 March                                  1214.62

Stock spend                                                                                        410.01


I will be contacting Shepherd Neame about the price for Spitfire Lager and to see if they would donate  Umbrella’s for our outdoor tables which have been ordered.


Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

Identify all new member from 2019 2020  2021 and 2022 – invite to induction meeting on 30th March at 10.30 am plus any other members who  want a refresher course – I have volunteered to be tea /coffee provider for the duration.

Hand over Tennis applications for Pam Goodwin for safe keeping 2017 onwards plus renewal forms for those that paid in October 2021.

Has Sylvia agreed to a joint meeting on 21st March 2022 at 6 pm ??  - We now know that Sylvia was not consulted at all on the joint meeting and is now not likely to take up the position as Ladies Captain. Investigation is underway and an apology will be provided via email from the Men’s Captain.  Sylvia had planned her own Ladies Captains Meeting. Should anything change all Lady bowlers will be advised by email or What’s App.

Handbook amendment slips to be issued at the meetings


Fixtures (M Hinds)

Fixtures all completed and details issued to Val for the fixture books to be completed. Monday 4th April will be set up day and should not take too long.

There are 158 fixtures this season including 45 friendly matches, so over about 118 days this coming season we are likely to be busy. Broadstairs and Herne Bay have joined the CWL

We will re-introduce the Friday night social roll ups and advise the tennis membership too. Maybe there could be some Fish & Chips or other themes too.

We need to decide on catering / food for Ladies Benevolent 14th July (sausage rolls, cakes etc.), maybe catering company for the Cox Cup 14th August, Met Police 25th August, and IOTBA 22nd September this season and for Paul Proctor’s Kent Presidents Day 18th July in 2023 which is usually a sit down meal,.

We would like to have a Presentation Evening as a Special end of Season occasion instead of the trophies on Finals Day.

Canasta will continue on Friday evenings 5 tables at the narrow end of the hall, although the Bar will be open there will not necessarily be a dedicated bar person to service their requirements. Queues may be a problem.


Refurbishment & Maintenance (Andy Ennis)  - Gardens and Green (Andy Ennis)

Carpet will start to be laid on 24th March maybe a week to do. Electricians finished now and the decorating team of John Alchin & Del Boy with others are well underway.

Set up day is NOW Monday 4th April  from early and may only take the morning. 

GREEN – Moss treatment is due next week.


Social (V Winch)

The next social is on 1st April at Music Night and 73 are already coming.

We are pursuing a Music Licence in case we risk breaking the law.  Bob Waters has researched and costs vary between £270 and £300. It was thought to be worthwhile and Bob will be asked to follow through to completion please.



BH – Light switch in Ladies has not been moved close to the new door.  This not viewed as a problem during the playing season, however during social evenings in the winter we will make sure the light is left on for the duration of any event.  It was also thought that there was no hot water in the accessible toilet but we now know where the heater switch is located.

A letter of thanks will be sent to the decorating team from the GPC

We understand that DK asks if the £3 fee for social members (including tea or coffee) means he has to make the drinks. Most definitely NO social members who want a drink make their own and clean up after themselves leaving the kitchen in good order.

JA – Asks if the offer for a newsletter by CG at the AGM was going to be taken up and if she was to be responsible.  It was discussed and concluded that at this time we have enough to do and to use the website, facebook page and what’s app group for the season.

VW – Confirms that MB – SG and JM are rejoining but TG is doubtful.

Shirts are due to arrive soon, now had an email confirming arrival this week sometime.

Honours Board will need updating, this will be arranged when the refurbishment is finalised.

Full members who have become social and roll up in the mornings should still pay the £3 fee when using the green.

BB – Ask that thank you letters be sent to the Maintenance team, the Decorating team, the members who have donated the tables and chairs for the patio area. The 3 tables have been donated for various reasons and a 4 table is seeking a donor or donors. ( to share the overall cost £199 ).

CR - As Club President I would like the G.P.C to discuss and consider the following issue. Due to the ever increasing fuel costs being currently experienced, and which I am sure will be in place at the start of the season. This increase will have an impact on players travelling to away games. When accompanied by the reluctance in some areas amongst players not willing to put themselves forward to play in away games. I suggest that all players whether playing home or away pay the £3 fee. This will make selection easier and more balanced, as currently those playing away will pay £3 plus fuel donation say minimum £2 being £5 and those playing at home nothing, an incentive to play at home that should be mitigated. 

 Christine’s proposal was discussed at length and the majority were not in favour, however it was agreed that we make it mandatory for any player travelling as a passenger ( which ever gender) to offer the driver £2 for fuel costs.  On the question of reluctance to book into away matches, the selectors will note names and ensure those names are not guaranteed an offer of home matches to them.

The GPC asks the Secretary to respond in person to the President.


Meeting closed at 11.30 am


Date of next meeting 11th April 2022 at 10.00 hours in the clubhouse.


Actions to be taken

CF to email SP with full explanation and apology by the Men’s Captain

Cf to email all members who joined in 2019, 2020m 2021 and 2022 to invite them to Group induction on Wednesday 30th March at 10.30 am

PG to invite tennis members to social and viewing of the refurbished clubhouse on Monday 4th April at 7pm

VW to start on fixture books asap

VW to approach Shepherd Neame for price of Spitfire Lager and would they donate any Umbrellas

JA to communicate that Set Up day is Monday 4th April from 8.30 am till finished at the club

BH to arrange some ladies to clean and reorder the kitchen area

CF to get Catering details from Keith Barnett of the Racing Greyhound for some of our events

CF thank you letters for Decorators, Maintenance team, and Donors of outdoor furniture

VW to chase up the Shirts order

CF to contact Mr Little for the Honours Board update

CF to Respond to CR regarding her proposal and the GPC decision.