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GPC minutes July 2022

Attendance: Judith Alder, Bob Barclay, Andy Ennis, Carol Fisher, Barbara Hafford, Val Winch and Bob Waters his role as Men’s Captain.


 Apologies:  Pam Goodwin and Mark Hinds


The Chairman opened the meeting and asked if there were any objections to the Men’s Captain Bob Waters joining the meeting for a short time to make a few points. There were no objections and BW proceeded to outline the matters listed below.


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Val Winch and seconded by Barbara Hafford


Men’s Captain Bob Waters

“Quite a few members ask if I attend the GPC meetings, as topics come up regarding, the green, issues on selection, these are dealt with generally at the time but occasionally I would like to seek clarity from the GPC.”

1 – Selection complaints. Discussion concluded that this is in the hands of both Captains and fairness is always considered.

2 – Chris Goodchild produced Rules for All, which have been well received, although some comments have offended him. This is quite wrong, as the notes were produced voluntarily and will be adopted and recorded in the revised issue of the Handbook which will be under review very soon.

3 – Too many games or too few league positions mentioned in the minutes. Details of league positions are displayed in the Men’s and the Ladies Changing rooms and on the General notice board. If the board is not read then the onus is on the member.

4 – Special attention for Ken Coleman who it is felt needs extra help in friendly matches. It is proposed that the rink he plays on will have an additional bowler to serve the return end, this would mean less movement for Ken and allow the game to keep pace with the other rinks.  Permission will be sort from the Captain of the visiting team.

5 – THERE MUST BE NO STANDING AT THE BAR DRINKING DURING CAPTAINS SPEECHES. The gentleman concerned will be advised and a polite notice displayed. Our license is for social events only.

6 – Regarding the clubs responsibility to drinking and driving – we will display a polite notice at the Bar. We may even consider asking for vehicle keys after serving the permitted alcohol limits.

7 – Questions on whether the club will be getting new tables and chairs. This is in plan but, an expense we need to wok towards.  The matter is in hand but not during the season.

8 – One of the cubicles in the Men’s toilet seems to have a leak. This will be investigated and dealt with.

9- “Music license £335 per year once done we are clear. The committee agreed to go ahead with this and told me to proceed.” 


Matters Arising

CF/VW contact PLUSNET re WiFi offers including all calls.  Not done yet – discussion concluded that we will not go ahead at this time.

PG to contact Liz P for master Adult leaflet similar to the Junior version we hold - TBA

PG to speak to Secondary Schools etc. re Quick Cricket provision - TBA

AE to obtain quote for replacement roofing on Mens Changing Room – Phil Missey will be sending one

CF to email all social bowlers about their responsibility to pay before play DONE

JA to do the above in her friendly way for the facebook and website DONE

CF to produce and invoice for MBRA re 14th June meeting 5-7pm DONE – Paid

CF to find signage for Accessible Toilet & Ladies Toilet – Larger Size DONE invoice available

CF to contact DK about proposals agreed by GPC DONE





Treasurers report (V Winch)      


Bar takings 22 May to 2 July                                                        4001.92

Stock spend                                                                                       2387.10


Secretrial Report (C Fisher)

Invoice for Accessible toilet sign total £29.63

Debfibrillator used on 20th June by neighbour on behalf of Ambulance service – returned unused – Update The Circuit has been done after inspection by myself.

Insurance renewal sent on 23rd May for renewal on 1st June this I believe is very short notice and would not be possible to get other quotes. It has gone up to £1276.65  - we used to have at least a month notice from Sutton Winson

Quote received from Sovereign Sport – sent to all but no feedback Do we say go ahead??? - Yes quote agreed

Certificate of Completion needed please – Have spoken to TDC business rates now – Ian Taylor had not been in touch with them. Siobhan and Sara Duncan need a copy for file  - this will be supplied as soon as AE receives it.

CCTV suggestion by MH are there any other quotes yet?? - I was concluded that CCTV is unnecessary at the present time

WiFi suggestion by BB and MH needs further investigation  - Not required at the present time.


Fixtures (M Hinds)


Refurbishment & Maintenance (Andy Ennis)  - Gardens and Green (Andy Ennis)

Lights in the Ladies windowless cubicles keep being left on. We will ask the electrician to convert to PIR lighting actioned by movement and timed to go off.

PAT testing of all equipment is arranged for 2 – 3 weeks time

Mens Changing room Roof quote is in hand to redo the whole roof.

More people needed, a call for volunteers on Monday 11th July to smarten up the grounds for Ladies Benevolent Triples on 14th July.

Window Cleaner will be call for Wednesday 13th July to do the outside of the clubhouse.

The green – if we have the promised Indian Summer and we wish to continue to Roll Up etc. into October, we must let Groundcare know as they have to plan in all the winter preparations.


Bar (M Hinds)


Social (B Hafford)

The BBQ went well attended by approximately 35 a profit of £65 made and a good time was had by all, many saying when is the next one?.

Canasta now returns to Thursday evenings as the Premier and B league matches no longer need that slot.

There will be a meeting of the social committee members in July to look into further events proposed by JA


Tennis (P Goodwin)



BH -  When there is a match can we space out the tables more now that we have a larger area, the answer is yes unless the capacity requires us to accommodate a larger group.

Green fees of £4 and £4.50 are occurring, can we make sure we charge the same when that club comes here? Yes as long as the captains advise in advance which club we are talking about.

Kearsney – provide Tea, bread, butter and lemon curd. Can we do similar? Yes we will ask JA to do Scones withJam and cream.

HUT DUTY people who do not turn up must be fined £10. Roster officers to advise Secretary of names so that letters can be sent out. Where there is a no show! Please those in attendance should mark the list as NO SHOW against the name for record purposes.

Windows need cleaning outside, looks messy and full of spiders. - This will be done on Wednesday 13th July 2022.

BH - Open Pairs on 7th August 2022 – 3 rounds in one day is a lot, “I propose to restrict to 15 ends each round, is agreeable with the Committee?”  Discussion occurred and it was agreed to allow this as the weather may be hot and more ends could cause fatigue and stress to some players.

Winter Indoor Group that Peter Adams set up last winter the 16 who played would like to have a get together, can we use the clubhouse at £2 each?  Yes but at the end of the season a date to be agreed.

Clothing issues and comments made by many, grey or white are OK as long as the items are tailored shorts or trousers or skirts. The no is to cargo shorts or trousers or beach shorts or skirts. Please adhere to this request.


JA – Knitted Bowlers which were going to be sold, do we still want to sell them or do we like them perched on top or the trophy cabinet?  Sell if we can but they look ok where they are.


AE – Pro rata Full fee – the way this is calculated is £120 over 5 playing months at £24 per month plus the joining fee of £30 to include a club shirt. Therefore the number of playing months left indicates how many £24 plus £30 to be charged. When the renewal is issued in January there is an option to pay by monthly direct debit.

Early opening of 2023 season in April and later closing of green in October 2022 – Groundcare must be advised  as they have to prepare winter maintenance of the green.

Ladies Benevolent Triples is a TWO WOOD triples on 14th July.

End of season bash planned TBA

New shirts requests by many – these will be looked at and any suggestions must be presented and agreed at the AGM in November 2022


CF -Constitution update which I sent out to GPC on 24th June have you any comments to make please?

This is to address the discrepancy between the Current Application forms and page 5 of the Constitution which still states that the form will be displayed on the notice board for 7 days, THAT PROCEDURE CONTRAVENES THE GDPR REGULATIONS 2018.  We could however display the name only of the applicant on the board for 7 days to mirror the existing page 5 of the consttution.


The Handbook needs reviewing completely and a sub group to do this is planned to bring the new format to the AGM in November for approval.

Revamp of application form – was requested by the treasurer to make more space to right in the email address. A master in file in cupboard.


Bowls news items to be included in the minutes, this would have to come from the two captains, I cannot be expected to act as a roving reporter.!

Discussion concluded that Captains will occasionally provide content to be printed, although all current league information is displayed on the notice boards in both the Men’s and the Ladies changing rooms


Tips & Guidance for all bowlers – issued by Chris Goodchild – Should this be held on file for reissue in future? It was agreed that I will type up and keep on record to pass on to the next Secretary. These pages will also be included in the next version of the Handbook.


I was asked by a Social member if he could buy the woods he uses regularly ?  The GPC said NO to this as we have culled our supply of woods to current sizes and we must maintain our stock as is.


Advice sort from Leon King re Peter Bew, affiliation fee.  Matter resolved.


August 8th AGM for Carmel Court in bar end from 2pm to 5pm with bar open. Notice to roll up participants done for access via front steps/ramp to make drinks then consume outside for the duration of the meeting.


Open day very successful 18 joined on the day and 11 more subsequently.

Judith was asked to issue details of Ladies Benevolent Day, and she did this beautifully. However I issued on her behalf to all social email address under Blind cover. I have received three calls from social members who have not got Christine Rogers telephone number. I was not aware that the social fixture book does not have telephone numbers in – but that does make sense.


Proposal by Brenda Stewart to ask for a further induction group meeting by Terry Dunn – also requests contact list for all full members – the telephone list can be copied.


Proposal by Tony Petts to waive some fees from new bowlers who join after training – this need clarification and will be addressed at next meeting


I give notice today that I will not be Secretary for the coming year – Please appoint a new Secretary at the AGM – The nominations sheets will be produced and displayed very soon.




Meeting closed at 12.15 pm 


Date of next meeting 1st August at 10.00 hours in the clubhouse.


Actions to be taken

BW and BH -Captains will advise of matters relevant to Bowls results that need to be printed

AE – Lights in Ladies to PIR

AE – to clarify with TP his notes re coaching and signing up of new bowlers

BH – to arrange group to deal with social ideas from JA

BW  - to proceed with obtaining a Music license

CF – to meet Window cleaner on 13th July

CF  - to contact Brenda and Babs re contact information

CF – Contact Sovereign to give go ahead for repairs

CF – to contact TD to set up another Induction group session

BB – to recruit a group to review Handbook & Constitution