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GPC Minutes Jan 2022

Attendance: Andy Ennis, Bob Barclay, Carol Fisher, Barbara Hafford, Mark Hinds, Val Winch and Judith Alder in her role as Press and Communication Officer.

Apologies:  Dean Prescott.


Daphne Smith has asked to stand down from Chairman and GPC on compassionate grounds – this was granted and Judith Alder was co-opted onto the GPC with her agreement.


The appointment of New Chairman  - Bob Barclay was agreed by all with the proviso that Bob will stand in for the rest of the year as long as we seek another to take over after the AGM.


Judith Alder was welcomed by our new Chairman Bob Barclay. Who then took control of the meeting.

Meeting opened at 10.00 hours according to Covid 19 Regulations and socially distanced.


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Andy Ennis and seconded by Mark Hinds


Matters Arising

AE – carpet quotes  - there are now 3 quotes £10k –£7k and £3 ½k   - we will make the appropriate choice.

VW – shirts order  - To be placed for 20 items delivery 6-8 weeks at £30 each, the club will subsidise the cost to £25 for members limited sizes (small and medium men’s, and small ladies), as we have stock of originals in larger sizes.

VW – Speak to Terry re induction group - Draft received, to be finalised by sub group to have group induction by end of March. Open to newer members and any that wish to have a refresher course.

CF – Report to CR about Presidential term – Completed by phone and issue of copy of GPC minutes

CF – Create Addendum for Handbook on Presidential term – sample accepted and will be copied for issue to all who hold a handbook plus extra for stock.

CF – Refer to the charge for social bowlers to be £3 per head including tea or coffee. This was discussed and agreed to action with immediate effect, Judith A will create notice and circulate appropriately.


Treasurers report (V Winch)      

Approx £5K more than this time last after paying off the MUGA loan


Bar takings to 6 December to 9 January                                  740.95

Stock spend                                                                                       406.09


Money received – Sandpiper Ct meeting 12th Jan 2022        40.00


Val spoke to Andy to draw down the loan from BE re letter sent, Carol to check for copy on file and send by email as back up.


Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

MBRA would like to book the clubhouse on Monday 14th February 2022 from 5 pm to 7 pm at £40 as before.

Notice board copy of First Aid Officers to be laminated and displayed today

Ivan Hoile of KCBA contacted me for my address to send competition cards out – have received them in post on 5th January will distribute to those members in due course.

Wed 12th January 10 till 12 noon club booked for AGM of Sandpiper Court At £40 I will open up and close

IFFA call from Sunira Rizwun Survey for Kitchen use and catering by phone in early December – Barbara had alerted me.

Tennis family enquiry via Mark have copied to Pam Goodwin and will soon meet with her to show her the ropes


Ben of Wantsum Brewery arrived and the meeting switched to his offerings for our consideration.

Sample case of bottles showed, ales, ciders and lagers. Cases of 12 bottles – order 10 cases and get 2 free, no minimum order. He will see if he can improve on the price offered.  50 Litre barrel of lager is a good price and includes glass wear. Some discussion of the type of gas required for the lager as opposed to Guinness. Waiting for finalised pricing but looks promising.


Fixtures (M Hinds)

No change to the fixtures which are all on the website. Heron league is done.  We have not heard from any touring sides this year and doubt that we will. Would like to arrange some Ladies v Gents games, 100 up games, etc to fill the vacancies. Friday Night Social Roll Ups to be on the Fixture Card.  JA suggest - Perhaps we could have games where turns could be taken in all positions for all to experience 1 – 2 – 3 – or Skip


Refurbishment & Maintenance (Andy Ennis)  - Gardens and Green (Andy Ennis)

Patio area and the fence looks good, we will ask for quote to level up some of the flagstones around the green that need reseating to ensure no trip hazards. Externally the Carpenters start today on the outside of the extension which may take 3 to 4 weeks, so we will need to ensure they can enter the building and secure it afterwards. This was discussed and decided they should have a key and instruction on alarm setting.

The void created by the missing folding doors will be sheeted off while they work which will render the ladies toilets out of use, some of the time. One of the cubicles in the Gents will be signed specifically for the ladies use and we will have to be considerate and careful when it is used if required. On a Friday for Bingo and for Social events like 22nd January. The workmen will move all their tools to one side and open up the sheeting to access the ladies toilets over the weekends.

There is a need for a new Electric Consumer Unit at £600 which is likely to lead to more expense as certain upgrades become evident. We need our supply to comply with current specification and regulations.

We are looking to have wall mounted electric heaters in the main hall which will be 3 pin socket fixed.

Outside there are slabs which are being reused when lifted from one place, the area to the other end of the Gents changing room will be tidied up and the current grass box moved back to create more room for the barbecue and hard standing. 

The Green looks good and we are pleased with members help on whatever day they can attend.


Social (V Winch)

The Christmas evening was fun although Covid stopped a few from attending. There are 41 booked in for the Murder mystery event on 22nd January 2022.



VW – Sue G has looked into flag options and the Sewn option same as we had is £256 plus VAT and because of our seaside location just a vulnerable to wear and tear. However a printed flag in a more breathable fabric is more hard-wearing and available at £80 plus VAT. It was agreed to go for the printed option.

VW - Would like to offer Pru Paget and Lynda Walton free subs this year as neither could  play at all last season, this was discussed and decided that it was a nice gesture and should happen.


AE - Highlighted again the hope that we could save VAT on the installation of the accessible toilet, but after appealing to the decision it was pointed out by HMRC that the exemption was only for in a private home not for social or business premises.


MH – Has received an email from Sue Bates Mobile Shop who wants to use our car park on Saturday mornings from 11am to 11.30am She supplies Washing up, Washing, and other liquid goods for people to bring their own containers for filling.  We have agreed to trial it for a month providing she tops the clubs containers for free.


BH – The Canasta on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings is very popular however when there is no bar person the men cannot have a drink.  This was discussed at length and concluded that the draught beers cannot be included as it takes certain knowledge to set up the pumps.

Barbara will have a key from next week and will be trained to use the till and glass washer. There can only be access to bottles and cans on the shelves at the time and she will not be restocking on the day..

There was also a request for another evening as a games night where people bring board games to share? There was no objection to this provided £1 per person is collected for the heat and light cover, 

BB- on behalf of MD asks where the payment shed equipment will eventually be stored. All the bowls shoes are likely to be disposed of.  Tennis rackets and balls to be disposed of.  The storage area once completed will be defined.

BB on behalf of JT asks if GPC meetings could be evenings. - at present, no, however we will keep it under review. Also can the AGM be at weekends for working members – again – no, as the current meetings start at 6.30 pm which accommodates most workers and most people treasure their weekends.

BB – We need to sell 6 square brown tables if anyone using ebay knows how to do it, also the Bone China tea sets from the Ladies league is ready to go to anyone who will contribute to our funds. There is also a small filing cabinet and a tall Freezer 


JA – Flooring in the Ladies has been slippery with condensation due to cold weather – we suggest care at this time or ventilation for a while, however the new flooring will be of more non slip variety.  


Meeting closed at 11.45 am



Date of next meeting 14th February 2022 at 10.00 hours in the clubhouse.



Actions to be taken

CF to produce a quantity of the addendum for the handbook

CF to look for copy of BE Loan letter to send by email asap, original not received.

CF – Bike racks – as previously planned by BW

CF to meet with PG for admin handover of tennis sector

VW – Speak to Sue re form of refreshment honesty provision

VW and CF meet with TD to finalise induction format manual

BH –  Games Night plans

MH to speak to DP and ask if he wants to step back until another season

JA – to create notice and communication about Social Bowls fee of £3 to 8include tea or coffee