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GPC Minutes Feb 2022

Attendance: Andy Ennis, Bob Barclay, Carol Fisher, Barbara Hafford, Mark Hinds, Val Winch and Judith Alder.


Apologies:  Dean Prescott.


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Judith Alder and seconded by Mark Hinds


Matters Arising

CF Has produced– approx 80 printed amendment slips for the Handbook re President status and these will be handed out at Men’s and Ladies Pre season meetings for members to insert into their own Handbook – extras will be held with un-issued handbooks.

CF found copy of BE Loan letter was emailed to BE immediately. I have a hard copy and a digital copy on file

CF – Bike racks  - free standing for 6 bikes £24.99 – permission given to purchase.

CF to meet with PG for admin handover of tennis sector completed on 7th February will shadow for a while. VW – Spoken to SG about refreshment honesty provision, water and soft drinks will be managed by Sue G.

VW and CF meet with TD to finalise induction format manual now arranged for 1st March.

BH –  Games Night plans – after much thought - will introduce next winter.

MH to speak to DP and ask if he wants to step back until another season. DP has work commitments and would like to step back for now. The GPC will continue as 7 but will ask our new tennis administrator Pam Goodwin to attend the next meeting and thereafter when relevant news needs GPC involvement. 

JA – to create notice and communication about Social Bowls fee of £3 to include tea or coffee- this was done via Facebook, website, what’s app groups and the renewal forms were amended to. 


Treasurers report (V Winch)      


Don’t think it appropriate any-more to put a comparison to the previous year because of the loan and ongoing spends, it won’t mean anything.


Bar takings to 10 January to 13 February                               1109.34

Stock spend                                                                                        739.54


Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

I have KCBA comp cards for Peter Adams, Alan Back, Andy Ennis, Mark Hinds, Tony Petts. Dean Prescott, John Taylor, Bob Waters, Birchington A and Birchington B. - Which I have handed out today to MH, AE,BH for passing on.

Website contacts for tennis have been chased by phone but no response yet from Jay and Clare.

Denise Hayward has thanked for the info and will contact when ready.

Pam Goodwin and I will be issuing a reminder to the 2021 tennis members to renew their subscription at the full fee. Pro rata is only available in the first year of membership. 

I would also like to invite the tennis members to view our refurbishment and accessible facilities before the season starts maybe First week of April .

BE Women’s Top Club we must apply by 1st March do we want to? BH said yes on behalf of Sylvia Pritchard, I will send to SP and BH for approval by email. Have now heard from SP she says not this year, need to coach our new ladies and existing ones more.


Fixtures (M Hinds)

Fixtures are pretty much completed and not expecting any more. List should be ready soon for the books to be made up by VW.

We need to decide on catering / food for Ladies Benevolent 14th July (sausage rolls, cakes etc.), maybe catering company for Cox Cup 14th August, Met Police 25th August, and IOTBA 10th September. Also some visiting clubs like the Fish & Chips supper so we will provide details and AE will speak to Fishbone Grill about deliveries for large orders. (they usually don’t deliver on Fridays, their busy time).



Refurbishment & Maintenance (Andy Ennis)  - Gardens and Green (Andy Ennis)

Carpet quotes in for £4k - £8k & £10k . No decision yet but many options offered, discussion took place and agreed to hold over till next meeting in March.

The external work looks very good and we are pleased with the general neatness of the workmen.  Electrics quote for what we have to do is good and includes 4 sockets for heaters for the main hall plus extra sockets should need be for extra heaters to be used. The builders will reposition a cupboard in the kitchen to allow the tall fridge to be sited next to the rear door.  The Double oven ( from AE) will be installed for us.

The Chippy (Carpenter) will finished at end of the week, and the electricians start w/c 21st February, then we need Judith to put out appeal for Volunteers to do painting before the carpets are laid say early early to mid March. We hope to prime the existing panelling then paint it the same as the new walls, so all hands needed please. John Alchin & Del Boy will lead the way but need a team to join them.

Set up day is Saturday 2nd April and Open day on 9th April, we need to be ready by then.

GREEN – Groundcare will treat the green this week , T Petts has cleaned the troughs etc. and C Goodchild a good job on the weeding.


Social (V Winch)

The Murder Mystery went well and we learnt lessons.

The Quiz is over subscribed but we should be ok with the extra space. CF stated that there is one table of Tennis family coming and a couple of other tennis members which is pleasing to see.



VW – 35 full members not yet paid just under half of full members, which doesn’t include those paying by standing order who haven’t returned forms 4 full members dropped down to social and 2 social members upgraded to full. 96 social members not yet paid and several I know will not rejoin.

Bowls England says

“We do have to organise a plaque to be provided to your club, to be put on display to show other clubs etc. that the loans are available – however, due to Covid, I am a bit behind with the plaques – I have some in the office which were sent to various people to present to clubs, which were returned to me.  The idea is that you let us know when you are having an open day, etc. and we find the closest Board Member, HM, International Player, President etc to come and perhaps play in the match or just come to tea etc………but until I can get back into the office, this is on hold.  I will let you know when I am caught up, unless you have a suitable day, and you want to have a try to see how close I am to having your plaque ready.  Let me know.

We send out annual statements via email at the end of September, and the auditors select 5 clubs to check the balances etc.”

Flag sorted has arrived.  Spoke to Sue about water and soft drinks – she will make sure available in fridge and charge same as bar prices and will manage.        Shirts order have ordered a total of 15 

BH – Asks if Canasta can continue in the season, discussed at length, will be difficult as bowlers using the club mornings, afternoons and evenings. Also can the Bingo continue say mornings, but this will impact on the practice and social bowling with use of kitchen, interrupting the bingo. The revenue from the canasta, bingo and bar is considerable, but the full members will insist that this is a BOWLS CLUB even if we don’t see those people in the winter. Evenings in the first 3 months of season use up Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Then of course we were hoping to do Friday Roll Ups for interested Social, Full and Tennis members

It was suggested, that BH could try but no regular slot could be guaranteed, trial it and see!!

BH also asked if the Bench for Andy could be moved, it was stated that the style and site of the bench had been chosen by his family and the club will honour that. However BB stated that we are not a cemetery and no further memorial items will be allowed only those with a small brass plaque or plant

JA – Has purchased some counters/tokens to be used at roll ups for selection and random positions 1 2 or 3 to allow all to play in different roles during practice. VW asked her to advise cost for reimbursement. Judith said DK has the Roll up records and cash down to a fine art and she will make sure he has the tokens to use on Mondays particularly.


CF - I will be in hospital on 4th April – gall bladder op. Also I will be away from 18th to 27th March on holiday.

Birchington Parish Council contact for Magazine copy date advised as 8th March – do we want to put an article in re our extended space and accessible facilities? - Judith’s email details have been provided for the future. 

Sold two tennis rackets and 8 balls for £10  - others may have to be given away or disposed of.


Meeting closed at 11.20 am


Date of next meeting 14th March 2022 at 10.00 hours in the clubhouse.


Actions to be taken

CF  & VW to send Carole Baker Competition Blank Forms for use.

CF to send Mark H a new application form and to print a quantity for the notice board.

CF to email SP re Bowls England Ladies Top Club entry asap

CF – Bike racks place order asap

CF to ask PG to attend the March meeting as a guest for tennis input.

VW and CF meet with TD to finalise induction format manual

JA – to create article for Birchington Magazine copy date 8th March – about our refurbishment and new accessible facilities etc.

JA -  to issue an appeal for volunteers to come and paint etc. as soon as builders leave site

AE – to finalise carpets plan etc.

CF & PG – to send friendly notice via email to 2021 tennis members to remind them to rejoin at the full fee as the Spring and better weather coming. Pro Rata only available in the 1st Year of Membership.

CF & PG – to invite tennis members to view our new refurbished club and accessible facilities before the season starts on 9th April – date to be confirmed.

VW to produce Fixture books asap.