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GPC Minutes 23rd August

Attendance:  Andy Ennis, Carol Fisher, Mark Hinds, Daphne Smith Bob Waters and Val Winch.


Apologies:  Assumed due to power outage after storm - Dean Prescott


Meeting opened at 10.28 hours according to Covid 19 Regulations and socially distanced.


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Bob Barclay and seconded by Val Winch


Chairman:  Apologised for late start and welcomed all attending then opened the meeting.


Matters Arising


Due to the storm over the weekend the Alarm has a fault which will be serviced later today.

The telephone line is out and will be reported today, plus a note will be posted on the website to this effect.

All copies of minutes this year have not been signed by the Chairman, this was done and they will be electronically stored on file for the future.


Treasurers report (V Winch)                      


About 1.5K more than this time last year

Bar takings 26 July to 23 August                                                                                    1533.00

Stock spend                                                                                                          1415.47


Received from the Undertaker cheques to the value of £222.  An acknowledgment has been sent for this.

Cash in the Bottle on the Bar totaling £266  to be used for Andy Mitchell’s Memorial Bench. MH has undertaken to look at benches that will be suitable.

T he Card machine is now up and running and is for Bar purchases only. All bar personnel will be instructed.

Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

BE loan guarantor letter is still in the drawer, misunderstanding by the secretary it will now be posted.

Hugh Hartley wrote to thank us for a very warm welcome when he attended our roll up on 19th July . His house purchase should now complete on 25th August so he will be attending on Monday 30th August and is look forward to being a full member.

Meeting with Gavid Vickers attended by Andy Ennis, Bob Waters and myself resolved to let the tennis coaching of juniors run until the end of September and then review the membership take up. There will be no extension.

A very disappointing attendance at the 8th August meeting for Tennis adults only 4 out of a possible 60 turned up, there were apologies for 5 families accounting for about 20 adults.

Mr Little the Signwriter will be here to update the Honours Board by the end of August.

BE have issued a 24 page booklet titled ‘Fit for the Future’ detailing their vision of what needs to happen. The GPC discussed this and decided that as a club we are very fortunate to have an increasing membership and a healthy social membership. The club will not be following BE plans.

Leon King of KCBA sent an email to advise that closing dates for Competitions is still under review he will know more after a F&GP meeting on 28th August. Forms will be sent out after that.

Details of the KCBA Mens Division 4 AGM have been received and sent to Paul Proctor our delegate.




Fixtures (Mark Hinds)

Changes are STILL happening on a daily basis, the website is amended accordingly therefore must be taken as the LIVE option.

Expecting others to cancel – its a fluid situation.

Many of the friendly clubs have folded due to council funding for Bowls greens being withdrawn.

BW says we must have more friendlies in order for everyone to have a chance to play. We should resume the Home and Away matches with other clubs in the same season. During the meeting River phoned to confirm they will be attending on 1st September. 


Maintenance and Gardens (Andy Ennis)

Although there was a good response to the open letter put on website and Facebook for full and social members including tennis social members to volunteers to give some time for maintenance and gardening.  The enthusiasm has dropped off. Another appeal will be drafted for an email to go out. Also to organise a shut down crew.

An idea being developed is to build a patio area on the Herschell Road side from the Men’s Changing Room to the first Bench standing place with a wind break on the fence side to create an outside seating area. Also for a bike rack to be installed for those who come by cycle. Some pub style tables with seating and parasols.



Groundcare will treat the green with Nematose at the end of the season. Fortunately we have not been bothered too much with flying ants or leather backs this year.

There is some wear on the corner by the changing room, but at this point in the season understandable as that is where most step on and off.


Refurbishment (Andy Ennis)

Waiting for revised and written quotes from Turners, Missey although Gardners seem to be very busy, however one of our new members works for a builder and will discuss with his boss.


Social (V Winch) 

As this is our 60th Anniversary year and it was felt we should do something to acknowledge this. To this end we will have a Fun Day open to all on Saturday 11th September from 4pm with a Knock out Bowls tournament, bar will be open throughout. Open to Full, Social and Tennis Social bring your own nibbles if you like.  All will be notified by Val. 

BW is willing to join the social planning group. VW will plan some dates and advise. Bingo to start in October and we have willing volunteers who will be asked for their input. VW will speak to both of them.




Bob Barclay

Mick Davis is to stand down from all club duties as he is full time carer now. He can no longer provide milk for the club. BW agreed to take on this responsibility

Alarm engineer will attend at 2pm today.

Phone is dead, VW will call Bionic when she gets home.


B. Waters

CWL & EKTL there is a notice on the Notice Board for those that have been selected to attend these events.

Paul Proctor’s Junior Vice Presidents day on 5th September 2021 Bar will be open from 12 noon until end of formalities.  Play will start at 1 pm.

Knock out for Social and Full members on 11th September.

We have 2 vacancies for life membership, I would like to fill these spaces please give this some thought.

There are two people who came to roll up wanting to join as social, we are not taking new social members at the moment. He has agreed to coach these two people until end of season free of charge, they want to join  asap. Website social enquiry for non players to be advised it is late in the season to learn this year. CF to reply.




V Winch

The Walking Football will have their fees standardised from 1st October 2021 whereby they will pay £2 per person social member or £2.50 for non members. Or £20 per hour hire. There can be no mix and match It must be one thing or the other.

Sue Goodchild has been asked to coach some of the ladies, she wishes to have the GPC approval before embarking on this action.  The GPC feels there is no problem and gave whole hearted approval.

Tennis fees should be increased this year from 1st October 2021 to Adult £60 Family £120 Junior £15

BB asked if there is any change to bowls fees. No increased is planned this year.


C Fisher

Elliott of E J Sports will be in the two tennis courts on Saturday 25th September and will be paying £60 from 9am to 12 noon. He will not require the bowls option on the Sunday. I will enquire if the bar is required.

MBRA have booked the club for a meeting 5pm to 7pm on 13th September for £40 as before. An invoice will be sent.

Natalie Raynor has booked the Netball court for 3 Tuesdays 24th and 31st August 6.30 to 8pm and 7th September 6pm to 7.30pm. Payment has been made by BACS.

Wake/Celebration of Life booked for 4th September 2021 from 3pm to 6pm, bar required please PF will do it.

Tennis meeting was not well attended, members will advised that due to lack of interest by the masses to make a formalised club we will not be offering and tennis coaching on our courts. There only been 6 interested so far. Parents will be advised that children should not be in the tennis courts unsupervised for their own safety and gate must be locked on exit.

The Walking Football Tournament was very successful and looks likely to happen in 2022.



Meeting date has been set for Tuesday 16th November 2021 from 6pm at the clubhouse.

Any proposals or suggestions should be advised in writing to the GPC in advance and seconded by another member please.



The meeting closed 12.10 pm      



MH to investigate Memorial Benches

CF to post BE loan letter

AE Create email for Shut down help

VW Create email and sent out for 11th September 2021

CF Create email to E J Sports – bar or not?




Next meeting will be on Monday 20th September at 10.00am