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GPC Minutes 20th Sep 2021

Attendance:  Andy Ennis, Bob Barclay, Carol Fisher, Mark Hinds, Dean Prescott, Bob Waters and Val Winch.


Apologies:  Daphne Smith


Meeting opened at 10.00 hours according to Covid 19 Regulations and socially distanced.


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Bob Barclay and seconded by Mark Hinds


Chairman:  Welcomed all attending then opened the meeting.


Matters Arising

None at present


Treasurers report (V Winch)                      

About 4K more than this time last year

Received from E J Sports £30

MBRA money due £40 to be chased

Groundworks & Mowing bills are still to come in for the last quarter.

Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

We have responded to TDC re - Business Rates department letter, the GPC liked the tone of the response.

Renewal for tennis members will be sent out this week – have had enquiry from one group who wants to pay.

Payment of £30 received from E J Sports – he has expressed a wish to join for tennis.

Christine Rogers seeks GPC permission to become Heron League Representative – fixture book record please. The GPC agreed whole hearted in future all League Representatives will be recorded in the Fixtures Book.


Fixtures (Mark Hinds)

Erith have recently cancelled and also Woolwich which has been replaced with a club game for those that expressed their availability for Woolwich.

Many of the friendly clubs have folded due to council funding for Bowls greens being withdrawn.

BW says we must have more friendlies in order for everyone to have a chance to play. We should resume the Home and Away matches with other clubs in the same season.  There are clubs like Met Police, Milton Regis, Gateway and Wear Bay who would like us to visit them as well as them coming to Birchington.

There are 32 names put forward for the Woolwich game and 26 names for the Ash game so we must have enough fixtures to allow all to play frequently. Broadstairs and Herne Bay will be joining the CWL.

Next year 2022 we will be opening a week earlier as Easter falls on the next weekend. Perhaps there may be an Easter Drive.

Social members who bowl regularly would like a knock out competition, this will be looked at and news posted  as soon as arranged. Monday Roll ups see a regular 18 social players.

On Fridays the Westgate Indoor bowlers are still coming but numbers are reduced as their their local indoor venue is now open.  However if we have indoor short mat in the future they may also come to us.

MH stated that any fixtures gaps will be filled with a Social Drive. To add social matches to the diary is a good idea. DP stated that to diary a social match indicates Inclusion of all members very well.

BW stated he has 3 new people wanting to join as social members, it was decided to allow social membership again as the pause was only to give space for tuition.


Refurbishment & Maintenance (Andy Ennis)

We have a quote that is significantly different to the previous offerings. This builder does come recommended  by the architect, but we are expecting two or three more quotes.  Once all are in we will decide which to go with and plan the work to start in the closed season. Two builders have indicated they have the capacity during this period.  The appointed firm will then produce a schedule of works and a time frame.

The AGM will go ahead here in the clubhouse.

It maybe possible to combine the planned outside patio area with the same builder, hopefully keeping costs down further. We have the finances in place for this and will choose the most appropriate use of the funds.

VW is certain that as we are a non profit organisation there should be no likely corporation tax liability.


Gardens and Green (Andy Ennis)

Groundcare will treat the green with Nematose on Tuesday 21st September to deal with the Crane fly eggs already in the ground. The sprinkler will need a new circuit and this will be approximately £400 but should be a much simpler system. This will include call out and testing.

Standfast were called out for the Alarm system but we have not received the bill yet.

Shut Down Day will be Monday 4th October from 8.30 am until all finished. Members will be informed via Website, Facebook and email and hopefully they will give as much of their time as they can manage.


Social (V Winch) 

Bingo will start on Friday 8th October 2021 – 2.15 pm for a 2.30 pm start. The first 50 through the door will be granted entrance as capacity is premium.

Dates are confirmed for the winter events and are as follows:-

Horse Racing  - 22nd October 2021

Quiz Night  - 19th November 2021

Christmas Do - 18th December 2021

To be confirmed - 22nd January 2022

To be confirmed - 25th February 2022

TBC end of winter event - 1st April 2022



DP – Apologised for not being at recent meetings, he will be more on hand once his work commitments allow.

DP and MH – stated the Bar pipework needs doing, however this is on hold as it will be re-routed once the builders are on-site.

The plan is to have Wantsum Guest Ales and Shepherd Neame will be installing a T Bar with 3 taps.

CF stated that Babs Hall made a very good job of cleaning down all the shelves when she was on duty on the 12th September.

VW – Walking Football numbers can be low in Winter, so all players will pay £2 for the coming sessions and the club will charge £20 per hour, Any excess monies will be accrued and used if the numbers fall below 10 .

The Nominations sheet has not had many names added we need to amend the sheet and restate the vacancies. Possibly on the Bowls website too.

Propositions for the AGM must be seconded and submitted to the GPC by the 19th October 2021

One Suggestion is that the Nomination of a President should be a Committee decision

Handbook last review in 2018 may need a new review – we will need a group to take this job on.



Meeting date has been set for Tuesday 16th November 2021 from 6pm at the clubhouse.

Any proposals or suggestions should be advised in writing to the GPC in advance and seconded by another member please.


The meeting closed 12.05 pm      



Next meeting will be on Monday 25th October at 10.00am