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GPC Meeting Sep 2022

Minutes of GPC meeting 5th  September  2022


Attendance: Bob Barclay, Andy Ennis, Carol Fisher, Pam Goodwin, Barbara Hafford, Val Winch and Bob Waters his role as Men’s Captain. 


Also Julia Szczepanski and Chris Goodchild with proposals for approval.


Apologies  Judith Alder.


1) The Chairman started the pre -meeting and welcomed Julia Szczepanski  of Birchington Together CIC.. 


At 9.45 am Jules was introduced by Andy Ennis to outline her involvement with Birchington Together Community Interest Company – to give her plan for a newsletter called Birchington Buzz which will be a Monthly issue on the first Monday of each month. This will be about events in Birchington planned and proposed, what goes on where, presented in a relaxed, kind and humorous way.   We need to let the community know what is on offer here throughout the year, Walking Football, Netball, Walking Netball, Tennis, Basketball, Bingo and Canasta. The newsletter will become a conduit for many groups to contribute to. However it will be edited to ensure friendly, warm, constructive and positive language is always used. 

Jules is looking for articles from a few of our members, about their particular interest as well as news from bowlers who enjoy the game, and would like to know how they became interested and ultimately smitten with bowls. The image of bowls needs to be changed from the perceived - “only for the oldies” or “unfriendly and stuffy”.  Our Press Officer will be able to use the newsletter as another communication channel.

Your articles can be sent to Jules by email on [email protected] or mobile to 0786 320 4811.


2) The Chairman then opened the meeting and welcomed Chris Goodchild to present his, review of the Constitution.


Chris opened with a brief outline of the task given to him a few weeks ago by our Chairman. This was to lead a team to review our Constitution and Handbook.  He initially declined, on the grounds that quoting reference to the constitution is sometimes used as an excuse by some. “If it isn’t in the constitution, then may be used to cover up some misuse or misunderstanding.” 

However he had second thoughts and decided to form a group of four to undertake the review. Chris Goodchild, Pam Goodwin, Christine Rogers and Jerry Sullivan. They have had a series of meetings and on the most recent occasion it appeared they had agreement on the issues covered thus far.  

This morning he was planning on presenting to the meeting, however over the weekend it became clear that they were still not in full accord. An email on Saturday 3rd September prevented him from feeling able to proceed further at this stage. Therefore Nothing to Report, as there was No Agreement at the Last Minute.  

Any task like this takes a long time and the task is unlikely to be ready to present at the coming AGM. 

Further updates will be notified when ready. At some point a Special General Meeting could be called.


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Barbara Hafford and seconded by Bob Waters


Mark Hinds has resigned with immediate effect, however he will complete the fixtures for 2023 then seek another fixture secretary for 2024.  We hope he will be able to provide us with a letter of resignation to allow  others to be trained in some of his duties.






Matters Arising 

CF New Bowlers Name notice to be created - DONE

CF Advise TD re induction planned for pre season early April 2023 - DONE

CF Invite CG to next meeting  - DONE 

CF to invite TP to October meeting - DONE

CF to source notices for Accessible Toilet with left arrow and for door,  MIND THE STEP for the Ladies door – DONE

CF to pen letter from GPC re unacceptable behaviour – DONE and posted

BH to arrange social group meeting this was held on 16th August – BH,LP,JA,DK,SG & BabsH next one 12th Sept.

PG to Source nets for Netball and Basketball – robust and weather resistant – Bought to be installed.

PG to specify CASH ONLY IF TENNIS PEOPLE PAY IN THE CLUBHOUSE the card machine is for bar use only


AE to repair Men’s Changing Room roof – Whole roof done now the donated felt will be used on other shed.

AE to seek further sponsorship during the closed season with benefits – still pending

BW to ask PP re catering for Cox Cup on 14th August DONE and very successful 

JA to question requests to put out notifications for confirmation that the GPC are aware 

VW to create notices NO BAGS TO LEFT IN THIS AREA AT ANY TIME – Done but being ignored


Tennis report (P Goodwin)

A review of the tennis nets and posts show they are in a dreadful state and should be replaced. I have costing and now is a good time as they are a special price £367.99 per set instead of £461.99.  I will check with Sovereign to see if they can do better, However the GPC agreed to purchase at the best price and not install until after the winter weather.  Paint the fencing posts with red oxide paint, via our own maintenance to be programmed in.

Tennis Renewal notices due to go out on 1st October 2022 – should we put the fees up. We are much cheaper than elsewhere. Possibly £80 per adult. Hire facilities also much lower than elsewhere by about 50%.   It was resolved to discuss all club finances at the next meeting.

My plan to make use of the courts for schools has hit a snag. The requirement for any adult involved means all should be DBS checked and we need Sports injury insurance cover. As the cost of this at £44 per adult and possibly £100’s for insurance the cost may well outstrip any gain. After all the schools all have their own facilities. 

However myself and DK are interested in becoming Bowls Level 1 coaches at a cost £130 each and would like to know if the GPC would be in agreement with this, our aim is to encourage juniors to try the game.  

Another problem is Membership cards for the Tennis use, I would like to do away with them. Nobody carries them and checking can be done against the list in the club or by the member showing an email on their phone.

The GPC discussed and agreed on these issues but asked that Pam and Dave liaise with Tony Petts at the next meeting on 3rd October to run their junior coaching along side his for full member coaching.


Treasurers report (V Winch) ​

Bar takings 1 August to 4 September​​​ 3644.92

Stock spend​​ ​​​​ 2024.27


Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

I have received the forms from both Men and Ladies section of KCBA regarding competition entries, I believe they are already displayed in the Men’s changing room.  The Ladies forms will be given to Barbara either now or tonight at our ladies social evening, when all ladies may be present.

I rang Sovereign Sports today to chase the post renewal and the courts patches etc. Waiting a reply 

BE keep prompting us to join their Bowls Bash but very late – looks like there wasn’t much uptake from clubs nationally.

Thank you from Leon King – notice posted for all to read 15th August 2022 

Fixtures (Andy)

Leon King has nominated Birchington for the semi final and final of The Men’s Cox Cup on 10th September 2023

Plus the Divisional Final on 5th August 2023.

We would like from Mark Hinds a guide of most of next years fixtures to date, in order to plan ahead.  

Finances need to planned for various reasons.

Refurbishment & Maintenance (Andy Ennis)  - Gardens and Green (Andy Ennis)

The roof of the Men’s changing room is now completed. Done by Bertie’s a local company and a very handy man to know, we will keep him in mind for such tasks in the future. The cost was most competitive.

The lights in the Ladies cubicles with PIR have been adjusted but may need more once the timings are confirmed to be OK – this is a simple task.

Gardens are being done at various times and basically look pretty good.

Green CW Groundcare organised a review of the green, and called upon John Noyce of Colliers for advise. It seems the green fared well, considering the extreme heat and drought. There is some dollar spot disease which is common but appears to be dormant at present. A recommendation has been made which Andy Chapman will carry out in the closed season.

The man from Kent Bowling is due in on Tuesday 6th September at 10am with advise, he may ask for costings of green maintenance, CWG, grass cutting, watering, etc. The overhang will be dealt with in an effort to fix the gulley wall. There is an idea in hand.


Bar (M Hinds)

No report


Social (B Hafford) 

When does Bingo start this October ?? will a notice be going up?

The next meeting is 12th September when more information on the planned dates will be progressed.

Dates at present are 29th October 2022 – Halloween night £3 entry bring own food

18th November 2022 Trivia Quiz £5 entry including ploughman’s

17th December 2022 Xmas Social with table quiz and raffle £3 entry with sausage rolls and mince pies

27th January 2023 Race night £3 entry bring own food

24th February 2023 Quiz night 

24th March 2023 Entertainment Night with Nigel & Brother £3 entry possible own food

Members to be advised first but few attend, so non members as guests of members priority over walk ins.

Maximum 80 now AE to check for fire safety regulations on our cubic capacity.



AE – At the AGM we must expect questions – for instance: Why is the position of Treasurer not on the nominations form?  What is the profit margin on the Bar takings? How much benefit has Canasta brought to the finances? Are the accounts for the green, broken down into – CW Groundwork, Cutting, Watering, etc.? 

BW – Music license valid from 1st Oct 2022 one off cost of £276 – we can use it 365 days a year from now on.

CF – On holiday from 12th Sept till 27th Sept – then we have next meeting on 3rd October when Tony Petts will attend. 

After that all documents for the AGM must be produced and distributed, the majority by email but a quantity of printed must be available on the night.   What date have we put aside ?? What about 15th November.- this date was agreed.  All full members will receive a full set of documents 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

Hut Duty & Tea Duty sessions still being missed and letters need to go out for 3 occasions. We do know that those letters already issued have paid the £10 fine, but this does not seem like a deterrent because many  are happy just to hand over the money.  We must make it a painful consequence in future.  Yellow Card system ??? or ensuring that those affected are prevented from playing in EKT & CWL league matches for a period of time. 

We are open to proposals for the AGM on 15th November 2022.  Such proposals must be received by the secretary 28 days prior to the meeting.  Meaning that 17th October 2022 is the deadline for proposals to be included.

Three suggestions in the box today. 

1)  Can the Ladies have the same type of paper towel dispenser as the Men please? Pam Back.  Yes we will do so once the current stock of rolls is used up

2)  Could petrol money be agreed by the club for each game before we leave so that all pay the same?  PB This was discussed and agreed much earlier. A passengers must offer £2 for local games and £3 for games further away than 20 miles.

3) Lets simplify and speed up our match day Experience.  A bowls match should be continuous, there is no reason to stop half way, this adds half an hour to the game time. By doing away with the tea break it does away with the need for members to do “Tea Duty” an unnecessary complication prior to and during matches. The time saved makes it possible to socialise with our opponents even if you need to get away early after a game. Ordering after game drinks from the bar to be ready after the match, will do away with the long queues and congestion in the clubhouse. The drinks list can be taken by the number two player at the start of the game. Please continue giving money prizes for the raffle.  Jerry Sullivan.  This was discussed and many were in favour of playing through, however there are members who for various reasons need a break. We will need to raise this at the AGM for membership approval     It seems that many other clubs are discussing this also, therefore we will seek more information from other leagues BW to do this. 

Can we have a dishwasher in the kitchen like they have at River?  We will look into this as we have been told the cost is £276 pounds and at least 44 mugs can be washed in one go.

Why don’t we have recycling bins? This will be investigated and prices will be obtained by our treasurer.

PG – I was told that Babs Hall and Shirley Grace made cushion covers for all the cushions and have never been thanked for the task.  All of the GPC were unaware that this had been done !! Apparently they rushed to get them ready for the Ladies Benevolent for Christine Rogers.  Had any of us been aware a formal thank you would have been sent and a monetary payment as well.  Unfortunately a poor communication problem.

BH – 1) -We do not have a telephone list of contacts in other clubs, I have copied these from the year book and intend to put them on the notice board, is this acceptable?   Yes in the absence of the 2023 diaries and Year Book. 2) – Members Honours Board why haven’t we got one?  Bob W will look into sourcing one. 

Birchington Ladies Results – We are 2nd in the I O T Ladies league  - We are currently level in the Heron League with one more game to play on 15th Sept, so we could finish First or Second.

In the IOT Ladies league we can’t change a game day for matches that clash with County Games but the Men can in their IOT league.  I intend to put a proposal in via Pam Back current Rep to the IOT Ladies AGM.

Finals weekend Presentation will happen on Sunday 18th September night at 6pm 

As Welfare Officer - Sue Goodchild did not know about Ken Coleman’s fall, nor does she know that Bob Downer is very poorly.   Please if anyone knows of a member who is unwell can they make sure that the Members Welfare Officer is informed. 

The Bar staffing needs sorting and we need other volunteers, this should also be raised as an AGM matter  

VW – The club has been left £2k in Jean Thompson’s will. She was a member years ago and I have been in touch with the solicitors, they have replied that the funds should be in our bank around Christmas time. 

The outside windows are being cleaned on 14th September in afternoon, time yet to be confirmed. Cost £30.

Leon King Divisional Secretary says that green fees are usually waived for County matches, however he feels that Divisional matches should pay the club that offers their facilities. So next year 2023 he intends to pay green fees and he expects Players to pay for their food and drinks. 

Meeting closed at 13.00 pm  


Date of next meeting 3rd October at 10.00 hours in the clubhouse.







Actions to be taken


BW to look into other clubs plans for playing through games and report by our AGM

BW to source Members Honours board

BB to ask MH for a formal letter of resignation and a copy of 2023 fixtures to date so that we can plan ahead

AE to check fire safety regulations for our clubs cubic capacity – maximum numbers

CF to send out fine letters to 3 members

CF to send out email to Full members to advise of AGM 15th November 2022 6pm for a 6.30pm start, plus the need for Proposals to be submitted to the secretary by 17th October 2022 . 

VW to obtain prices of recycling bins.