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GPC meeting October 2020

Minutes of the GPC Meeting 12th October 2020


Attendance:  Bob Waters, Daphne Smith, Andy Ennis, Mark Hinds,Val Winch


Also in attendance: Bob Barclay, Carol Fisher


It was acknowledged that Simon Pulling had resigned as Honorary Secretary and we thank him for the work he has done in the past two years.


Meeting Opened at 9.40 a.m.


Approval of previous minutes


Minutes of the GPC meeting of the 10th August were proposed to be approved by Daphne Smith and seconded by Andy Ennis and the minutes were accepted and signed by the Chairman


Matters Arising


There were no matters arising from the last GPC meeting.


Treasures Report


Taking all into account we have a profit over expenditure of £6.9K


Bar takings 10th August until 30th September 2020                         £ 1190.67

Stock spend                                                                                         £   419.50


Secretary Report


Nothing was passed to present at the meeting.


Green Report


Alan Robinson & Alan Back have resigned from looking after the Green. Andy Ennis indicated that he would be willing to turn the green as necessary and be the liaison with Groundcare. The watering system is not operating efficiently. Andy Ennis will look into getting quotes to service, overhaul and perhaps replace the system.

The fox wire is not working and the operating box needs to be outside of a wooden structure. Andy Ennis will liaise with Mick Davis & Pat Fuller and obtain a quotation.


Bar Report

As the bar will be closed for the foreseeable future Mark Hinds will open it for the next couple of Sundays to try and reduce the stock, footballers are normally there. If there is anything left that will go out of date a cash and carry service could be used.






Minutes of the GPC Meeting 12th October 2020





Sovereign Sport came to look at the courts as the maintenance was due last year but the weather was against them, followed by lockdown. Areas of the court needed repainting and the tension on the net between the courts needed attention. The painting is still outstanding as the weather has been too wet. They agreed to remove the dangerous gate from near the mower shed and replace with fencing. This has been done and made a good job of it. There is still an issue with the gate from the car park but they will revisit that in due course. They have done this work free of charge and we are very grateful. Carol Fisher sent subscription notices to those who had joined the tennis during the year, a few have said they are not going to continue but to date none of them have paid for next year. If they decide to join later in the year the full yearly fee will still be payable.


General Membership Review


It was decided that a note would go out to members mostly by email to inform them of what has happened during the summer and that the club will be closed until the situation changes.




A suitable letter had been produced to send to members stating that under current circumstances an AGM would not be able to take place. This will be sent to full members also stating the need for 3 new GPC members one of which to be secretary. This role is vital as without a secretary we can have no club.




Bob Waters mentioned the Honours board and a discussion took place, this will be revisited before the board is updated


Mark Hinds said that a person who had enquired on the website hadn’t heard anything yet. It will be chased up.


Andy Ennis has contacted the college re proposed building works and they haven’t finalised their schedule yet. He will also speak to a couple of local builders in case the college are not able to help. The planning application has been submitted.


Andy Ennis said that Kearns Hall may have a short mat carpet that they are getting rid of.


Val Winch stated that the rubbish collection should stop and will do that after the November collection.


Val Winch reported that the playing members needed to be asked if they wished to enter County Competitions the form needs to be received by Kent BA by 15th November, she will action this.


The meeting closed at 11.30am.


The next meeting would be 9 November 2020 at 10.00am