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GPC Meeting November 2020

Minutes of the GPC Meeting 4th November 2020


Attendance:  Bob Waters, Daphne Smith, Andy Ennis, Mark Hinds,Val Winch

Also in attendance: Bob Barclay, Carol Fisher

Meeting Opened at 10.00 a.m.

Approval of previous minutes

Minutes of the GPC meeting of the 12th October were proposed to be approved by Mark Hinds and seconded by Andy Ennis and the minutes were accepted and signed by the Chairman

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the last GPC meeting.

Treasures Report

This amount is about £9K more than the same time last year. We haven’t yet received the invoice from C & W Groundcare for the autumn renovation

Bar takings 1 October until 3 November                                            £       0.00

Stock spend                                                                                         £   192.07

Secretary Report

Letters or emails had been sent to the people who had requested membership and replies had been received from some.

Rick Travers had passed through via Simon the accounts for KCBA but was not distributed.

Green Report

New sprinkler heads have been obtained for the pop-ups which will hopefully distribute the water more evenly to the dry areas of the green. One was replaced today by Mick Davis and Bob Barclay and it appeared to have the desired effect. The others will be replaced over the next few weeks.

The various elements to replace the fox wire have been bought. The work will be carried out shortly. An electrician will be sourced to fit the new panel outside the mower shed.

Bar Report

Mark will make a list of the stock with sell by dates that have been exceeded. These will then be offered at a reduced price. New stock obtained next year when we are allowed to re-open





Minutes of the GPC Meeting 4th November 2020


Carol will write to all the tennis members stating that the courts will be out of use for at least the next 4 weeks and the members who have joined this year will have a reduction on their October 2021 renewal depending on the number of weeks that the courts are unavailable. The walking football group will also be informed that the courts are unavailable. The code on the gate will be changed


Andy Ennis said that a builder had visited to give a quotation for the extension but is unable to give a quote until we have planning approval. Another builder is coming to look in the next few days and has stated that if the college are able to do a lot of the work he is willing to work in tandem. Andy will inform the committee as necessary. Also Andy is still chasing TDC about the promised Insurance review.

Bob Waters said that Colin Lane secretary of IOTBA sent a letter out to all club representatives wanting to know their league requirements for next year and only Dane Park and Westbrook replied.

Carol Fisher stated that she had met Sarah & Jack Griffiths daughter-in-law who has donated their woods to the club.

Bob Barclay said that if a funeral was held for Tom Blair club members could line up in Beach Avenue. This was thought to be a good idea

Val Winch said that she had received a phone call from Jemima at LTA and is now awaiting an invoice to pay the outstanding amount on the loan.

As a result of the letter sent to members asking for GPC members the following people have been elected to the committee. Carol Fisher, as secretary for the immediate future, Dean Prescott and Bob Barclay. The other person who offered his services as secretary if there were no other volunteers has been thanked for his offer.

The county forms will be sent off in the next few days

The meeting closed at 11.00am.The next meeting would be 11 January 2021 at 10.00 a.m