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GPC Meeting June 21st

Attendance:  Bob Barclay, Carol Fisher, Mark Hinds, Daphne Smith Bob Waters and  Val Winch.


Apologies:  Andy Ennis, Dean Prescott


Meeting opened at 10.00 hours according to Covid 19 Regulations and socially distanced.


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Mark Hinds and seconded by Daphne Smith


Chairman:   Welcomed all attending and opened the meeting.


Matters Arising

BW has in investigated Sum-up for card payments within the club, he is updating for his shop and will give more detail soon.  4G or 3G is needed and could be a one off fee.  Dean Prescott was due to report with more information but due to work he could not attend. 


Treasurers report (V Winch)                      

About 2.5K less than this time last year.

Bar takings 17 May to 20 June                                                                       1837.62

Stock spend                                                                                                          1077.91

Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

Carmel Court AGM date now confirmed to be Monday 26th July with Mo O’Connor of Caxton’s – CLUBHOUSE WILL BE UNAVAILABLE TO MEMBERS FROM 6PM TO 8PM THAT DAY – invoice will be paid in advance of this date.  I will meet half an hour before to give access and again afterwards to lock up.


Fixtures (Mark Hinds)

Changes are STILL happening on a daily basis, the website is amended accordingly therefore must be taken as the LIVE option.

Eastry have cancelled all fixtures for the season because the local Councillors have prevented them using their small clubhouse due to Covid regulations.

Kent Presidents Day could be cancelled again, there maybe some cancellations of friendlies for teams that travel far because of increased costs.

Numbers for organised matches has been raised to 48 but roll ups are still limited is 30

Our Men’s Captain intends to hold a collective induction and introduction to all members including all new since last summer he will be notifying a date as soon as possible.  TBA

The fees for the Junior Vice Presidents match on 5th September will be waived.

A phone call received to confirm that tonight’s game with SEK Police is cancelled, weather related! Of course.


Maintenance and Gardens (Bob Barclay )

Mick Davis has stated he will not be attending Monday mornings after the end of this year. Pat Fuller has  stopped gardening as of today. Therefore more people are needed, an open letter will be put on website and Facebook for full and social members including tennis social members for volunteers to give some time for maintenance and gardening it will also be sent to all email addresses held on file. 

The leak in the Men’s changing room roof has been dealt with by Andy Ennis.

KCC Highways Inspector has insisted we cut back our hedges where they overhang and impede the pavements. We have contacted Groundcare for a quotation to cut all the hedges and remove any waste.

Greens (no further update) The green is playing well.  The rinks are being rotated and the bricks moved regularly to ensure even use, so the direction of play is moved for evening matches on a regular basis. It is only a 5 minute job and we need more people involved.


Social (V Winch) 

The planned event for 26th June cannot take place until restrictions eased, therefore the GPC were forced to concede that NO SOCIAL can be planned at all this season. A review in the Autumn will hopefully allow us to plan for the Winter Closed season.




B. Waters

Hut Duty list is up for July, please make sure you see if a duty has been allocated to you and tick acknowledgement, (you may swap with someone else).  We need to address all the issues at the AGM in November and restate the requirements of membership.  There does seem to have been issues with confidence due to the Covid restrictions endured this past 15 months. Many people have been affected in many different ways and we should be compassionate in our response.


D. Smith

Monday Roll up’s Chaos – for the last two Mondays not many full members have been around – yet many new social members have turned up because they have been told they will get guidance on this day.  We need to ensure that someone is there to take the money and issue a block receipt to the cash box. Last week Ron Smith and Bob Downer had 12 new members who did not know how to play, they took a group each and missed out on their own personal roll up. On one occasion the money on the table was £20 but on the book  £24 so this makes tallying very difficult.

Those social members attending on a Monday expect to be trained and if no Full playing members turn up everything turns to chaos.


We must stop accepting social bowlers and offer them full membership at the pro rata rate of:- current month social to full  is £72 plus £10 for shirt. Any new enquiry is full at £72 plus £30 for shirt.


There will be NO ROLL UPS for the next two weeks as we have games booked. Mark Hinds will put a notice on Website and Facebook page to say no roll up’s on Monday 28th June and Monday 5th July.


Tony Petts has said he will do some group Training sessions after he has finished his county competitions, this could be 12th and 19th July. To be confirmed and then communicated accordingly.


Bowls shoes seem to have non smooth soles, not like the ones most of us wear. Is this a new thing? The ridges tend to flick up the mat quite badly. BW will do some research to answer this question.



Would like to thank Daphne for sorting out the First Aid Box and taking on the role of supply and maintenance.


Grovelands will be visiting, on August 18th has anyone told them of the Fishbone Grill and a price for bacon rolls etc. Mark stated they have been given the phone number and will arrange their own delivery.


V Winch

Tea Duty – volunteers will be needed for the rest of the season.


Food for the Cox Cup – individual ploughman’s to ensure food is not multi handled. Bob Waters is to take care of this catering.




C. Fisher

Andy Ennis apologised for non attendance and stated that a letter re the BE Loan requirements would be on the notice board, for guarantors details. We were unable to find it. He has also sought another quote for the refurbishment works, which was received by email later on Monday 21st June to all GPC members.


TDC have paid the Invoice for hire of hall for Polling Day on 6th May 2021

TDC Building insurance increase, Andy still dealing with this and has a meeting booked with the insurance officer for TDC next week.


Walking Football Match v Bexleyheath booked for Saturday 1st August 2021 from 1pm to 4 pm Terry Mehegan is organising this and will require only Court 1 and the Bar to be open for the duration please. He has promised  to stop play and allow any Tennis players to access the other court safely for Tennis.


E J Sports have booked one Court for Tennis on Saturday 25th September 2021 from 9 am to 12 noon and are keen to also use our Bowls Green on the Sunday 26th September from 1 pm to 3 pm for their Mystery Sport, they would need some members support to show them how to use the woods and teach them the rules. We will be asking the members for their help on this day.  More information is being sort from them.


I need help from Dean or Liz Prescott to create the Facebook page for Tennis Court Users, I have tried but clearly not done it correctly.


I have a website enquiry from Sue Walsh who wants to learn how to play bowls and needs to book lessons with Tony Petts, she wants to join as a full member and enquired what the pro rata rate at present would be. £72 plus £30 for joining fee and shirt. Also Babs Hall wants to join as a full member at £72 plus £30 for joining fee and shirt.


Competition Rules Notice has been redone in line with Handbook update of November 2018 laminated copies will be displayed in both changing rooms.


MBRA would like to book our clubhouse for a meeting after 5th July, the only day we can offer is Monday 12th July from 5pm to 7pm at the usual rate. All other evenings are booked for matches. This date has been accepted by MBRA and is therefore a booking confirmed.



The meeting closed 11.30 am      



Next meeting will be on Monday 26th July at 10.00am