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GPC Meeting 3rd October 2022

Minutes of GPC meeting 3rd October  2022

Attendance: Judith Alder, Bob Barclay, Carol Fisher, Barbara Hafford, Val Winch and Bob Waters his role as Men’s Captain. 

Also in attendance from 10.57 to 11.40 Tony Petts  with his Coaching plan for approval . 

Apologies  Andy Ennis and Pam Goodwin

Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Barbara Hafford and seconded by Val Winch


Matters Arising 

JA I have been approached by Julie Warner of Your Leisure to try and promote Boccia to our members, it is a fun precision ball game similar to bowls for people of all abilities from a seated position, they currently meet at Holy Trinity Church, Cliftonville. Do I have permission to advertise this to our members of all levels. GPC agreed 

VW to look into a recycling bin for glass bottles  DONE and the bin is in use next to the large one. The collections will be fortnightly in winter and weekly in season . 

BW to look into other clubs plans for playing through games and report by our AGM some research has been done but no definite answer found. A proposal has been received for AGM which needs discussion on the day.   

BW to source Members Honours board waiting for a quote in mid October

BB to ask MH for a formal letter of resignation and a copy of 2023 fixtures to date so that we can plan ahead – he will receive an email for restricted viewing. Mark will continue as Fixture Secretary.

AE to check fire safety regulations for our clubs cubic capacity – maximum numbers – No answer yet

CF to send out fine letters to 3 members DONE 

CF to send out email to Full members to advise of AGM 15th November 2022 6pm for a 6.30pm start, plus the need for Proposals to be submitted to the secretary by 17th October 2022 .DONE  


Tennis report (P Goodwin)

Please give my apologies to the GPC on Monday 3rd October as I am away that week.

MUGA Report

●  Netball nets are installed, basket ball I have but not yet put up

● Tennis nets have been purchased for £721.54, they will arrive the week of 10/10. This ended up being a really good price as this includes upgraded nets from those previously considered, centre tape weights and tapes and delivery. I will store them for the time being.

● An email was sent, a note put on Facebook and a sign put on the gate alerting all Tennis members that the club was closed on 19th September, the day of the Queens funeral

● A second email was sent and information put on face book regarding the dates for renewing membership, the change of date for the gate number and the ruling that members under 14 must be accompanied by an adult when using the courts. A sign regarding the under 14s was also put on the gate

● The tennis list on the Board is complete and up to date so I shall no longer be issuing membership cards. I will tell all members as they join or renew that they need to have  a copy of my confirmation of membership letter on their phone

● I am still chasing Sovereign Sports with regard to the work needed on the MUGA

● I am waiting to hear from Melanie Tsangarides regarding the use of the MUGA and Clubhouse by Inclusive Sports. I have now sent her 2 emails and am waiting to hear. I will follow this up on my return from holiday

● I wrote an article on the Club for inclusion in Birchington Buzz. After circulating to the Committee I have forwarded this to Julla for inclusion in the November issue

● I have found a dishwasher for under £300. Shall I get some quotes from plumbers for the fitting ?

● If after the AGM I am elected as Secretary I would appreciate someone else taking on the MUGA. I would suggest that after the AGM, an elected committee member be approached. I do feel it is beneficial to be on the committee.

● David and I are making further enquiries into undertaking our Level 1 course. It is proving difficult to speak to someone about this. However, after the meeting with Tony please could you approve the payment for the course. I believe there is the possibility of a bursary from Bowls England and I am looking into this. 

Treasurers report (V Winch) ​


Bar takings 5 September to 30 September​​ 2882.55

Stock spend​​ ​​​​ 1401.43

Total bar income for the year £22441.39 with a spend of £13386.84. The value of the remaining stock is £1078.96 about £100 less than what remained last year. 

After adjustments for the outstanding Shepherd Neame bill, which will be collected in October (collected a month in arrears). We will make an overall profit of just over 60%.

Of course we now need to buy some more drink stock

The percentage profit on drinks varies greatly with Prosecco 16.5%, Guinness 17%, Bottled beers 30%, Whitstable Bay 47% Wines 67% Canned beers approx 70%. Soft drinks maybe a little over 100% depending on where bought and spirits between 75% and 300%. This is of course, is on cost price so each pint of Guinness we earn 50p and each pint of Whitstable Bay 96p. 

Of course there are other factors to be taken into account the electricity to run the chiller cabinet, beer cooler and beer store and other small incidentals pipe cleaning fluid, glass washer liquid etc.  So to calculate how much profit we make on large events, e.g. a bowls game, a social event or a Kent match would be impossible. There would not be time to list what has been sold and to calculate simultaneously.  BUT a total of the amount taken can be done, providing the amounts on the till are cleared before the event in question and the till reset to receive payments. If that it is not done the till will be difficult to correct as it will be in programming mode. This has happened in the past.

Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

on 14th Sept voicemail message from TDC re Food Hygiene rating, then again on 21st Sept – I called Sue Ryley on 27th Sept to find out that she met John Alchin and came to club, all is now in order. Her contact details are 01843 317622, mobile 07786 274806 or email [email protected] .

On 15th Sept I received an email from Terry Mehegan seeking my help in sorting out his fine letter, I did copy this to Babs and Brenda and I now know that Val has stated that he himself chose 4th September on his renewal form. I would like sight of this to send to him with my response.  

On 18th Sept received an email from Christine Rogers, who is unhappy at the recording of minutes under AOB – PG regarding ladies making cushion covers. Christine herself was unaware of their gesture. She would like the minutes clarified in today’s version with corrected wording. I did respond immediately although I was on holiday in Turkey, stating I would comply with her request on my return. Corrected version in AOB  below.

On 22nd Sept I received an email from Carole Baker stating she does not want to be Competition secretary next year. This is too late to add to the nominations list. 

On 23rd Sept I received an email from The Circuit – stating the defibrillator may have been used on the 22nd and that I need to check its status, this was difficult from Turkey, so I did do it last Thursday and amended the status on line. The access to our unit runs only to 2ndOctober for anytime use, but of course we must keep it maintained for use throughout the winter. It will go on to general use by the ambulance service as soon as we open fully again next year.

On 27th Sept the morning of my return from holiday TDC would like to book the clubhouse for Polling Station use on May 4th 2023 District & Parish Elections. Good to have advanced notice so that it can be incorporated into the fixture book.

On 28th Sept I learned that Del Boy Derek Hall missed his hut duty on Thursday 22nd September plus Vic Field missed his on Friday 30thSeptember  – letters on the way.





Refurbishment & Maintenance (Andy Ennis)  - Gardens and Green (Andy Ennis)

Morning all Apologies once again that I can't join you. 

 I hope that the shutdown goes according to plan, if not,I will help during the week. In no particular order. 

 Andy Chapman should have done a site visit ready to put the green to bed, ie top dressing etc. 

 Going forward, Tony Petts has expressed an interest in joining and making a "greens committee" I have also invited Chris Goodchild but not heard back. 

 For repairs to the equipment shed roof, Ray Field's son has obtained some timber, have contacted the builder who should get in touch to complete. 

 OK to pass on a drink to his son as this hasn't cost us anything. 

 Ray advised that they are offcuts but hopefully more than sufficient. 

 Regarding the greens edge, I am getting some brackets made up by a local firm (£40) and will get some timber as a trial to see if it is sufficient to support the edge. 

 If it works, I believe the cost of timber and brackets for the whole area will be about £1000.

 Bar (Val Winch) Detail in treasurers report above

At this point we were joined by Tony Petts the time being 10.57 am, he had been invited to present his coaching plan for approval by the GPC.

Tony Petts

1) No more Social Bowler intake

2) Upgrade from Social membership must go on full coaching programme to learn the game, 4 sessions

Delivery, Grip, Forehand/Backhand draw, Correct weight adjustment, Jack and Mat placement, Learn all shots, Measuring and Chalking, Full game with Scoreboard, Etiquette.

3) Open day  - No Joining fee, to encourage Full members to join, Pay £5 on the day to join coaching programme, this will deducted from full fee when joining.

4) Meeting and induction prior to playing any game

5) Experienced Bowlers from other clubs to receive one session for approval.

VW Questioned the no more social bowlers, this past year they have contributed £1655 in green fees. 

BW Tony’s package has great merit

CF Three grades of membership, Social Bowlers maybe a regular 20 or so, Social & Winter members 150 approx and Full members 75 or so.  New Social bowlers to be notified of OPEN DAY 2023  to try the game.

BH is totally against not allowing new social bowlers.

Much discussion took place, there is always a drop off of social members in January at renewal, Current Social Bowlers will continue to play as now, We will adopt Tony’s package for 2023 to encourage full membership. 

It was suggested that if the Social Bowlers fee was increased to £35 and £5 to play a game – it would prove to be much cheaper to join as a full member.  

If a social bowler plays twice a week currently over a 24 weeks period they pay in total £144 plus their social fee of £15 making £159.  As the Full fee is only £120  there is a clear benefit in being a full member.

Social (B Hafford) 

The social group met on 26th ‘September and we have to change the programme for 24th March 2023 as our entertainers will be in Australia. Therefore a different activity to be arranged.

Liz Prescott has created a poster for Halloween which could be fancy dress.

DK will be the Bingo caller from 15th October.  Bingo first session is Friday 7th October arrive 2.15 pm 

We are hoping to have a games night on Monday or Tuesdays – to be confirmed

Canasta is on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evenings.

More to be advised to all members email by Val within a few days. 

Profit Figures to end of year for Bingo £617 and for Canasta £732 

Dates at present are 29th October 2022 – Halloween night £3 entry bring own food

18th November 2022 Trivia Quiz £5 entry including ploughman’s

17th December 2022 Xmas Social with table quiz and raffle £3 entry with sausage rolls and mince pies

27th January 2023 Race night £3 entry bring own food

24th February 2023 Quiz night 

24th March 2023 Entertainment Night  to be confirmed

members to be advised first but few attend, so non members as guests of members priority over walk ins.

Maximum 72 now AE to check for fire safety regulations on our cubic capacity.

Note to go up for Food Hygiene Course as more names needed by February .

The Music license is now active and has been paid for.



BH Trophy Winners, why can’t they take their trophy home for a year.  Our insurance would not cover them therefore the answer is NO

BH Electric fires, AE has sourced some although they have not yet been ordered. - We have two existing ones that can initially be used in the bar end of the clubhouse with the curtain closed. 

BH Dart Board, can we have a simple one to use on the middle notice board for games nights, no special electrics required. This was was agreed.

BH Can we have some Pens for matches to give out like other clubs do, BW said he will look at obtaining some the IOTA had some 250 for about £80, he will check current prices.

BH Some Bowls news – Ladies leagues – Ramsgate won the IOTL and Whitstable won the Heron League

BH Birchington Ladies came second in both these leagues.

BH Birchington as a club came 3rd in the CWL and 4th in the EKTL.

BH on a personal note would it be possible to hire the clubhouse for my MS meeting which is once a month ?

BH Currently we go to Seasalter but most of the members live in Thanet, the GPC stated that the hire fee for the clubhouse is £20 per hour or if the bar is open £30 per hour. Any hire must not impact on pre-booked club activities either in the winter or in the season. 

BB – has spoken to MH to ask him to send detail of his ongoing status. MH will email to BB and copy BW to clarify his action. He will continue to be fixture secretary in all necessary ways.  MH stated he handed over the website to JA. 

CF – The wording of the minutes for 5th September under AOB against PG need to be corrected as the inference may have been misconstrued.  The changed wording is as follows and makes it clear that Christine Rogers was unaware of the actions of Babs Hall and Shirley Grace.




CF Corrected entry 

PG – I was told that Babs Hall and Shirley Grace made cushion covers for all the cushions and have never been thanked for the task. All of the GPC were unaware that this had been done!! Apparently they rushed to get them ready for the Ladies Benevolent Day. Although not even Christine Rogers knew they were doing this. Had any of us been aware a formal thank you would have been sent and a monetary payment as well. Unfortunately a communication issue.

We do now, know that neither lady wanted any re-numeration, we do however thank them for their dedicated work.

CF I have received a communication from Mike Barnes for the AGM however this is unsigned and not seconded. As Mike will not be back until 20th October I want to ask the GPC for their comments. 

The points are as follows - 

1)  The club should change to a Company Limited by Guarantee  - NO this is not a good idea, we would have to pay VAT and have an accountant etc.

2) The GPC would be folded in favour of a board of 7 directors of the Ltd company elected by members and who stand for 3 years.  - NO as this is what happens now – each GPC members stands for 3 years

3) Men’s and Ladies Captain and Selection Committee (2 voted members) should be nominated and elected annually at the AGM for a period of 1 year only.  YES ok but is this what happens now anyway

4) Current Constitution is often quoted by members incorrectly because it is incomplete and full of anomalies. It should be rewritten and published.  This is already underway and a SGM may be called when required to approve it.

5) Bowls membership of the club entitles all members to play at any time when rinks are available and entitled to put their names on selection lists for all matches.  Members are not entitled to be selected except on merit by a selection committee. Members are not selected by rotation and a record must be kept of all matches including when members put their names down for selection, when they are selected in a match, whether they played or not. Selection committees will endeavour to select members in friendly matches who are not selected for competitive matches.  CONFUSED as we do all this anyway

6) Recruitment activities for new members should be carried out throughout the year and any new members who have never bowled before must be coached or trained in bowling for at least 4 sessions.  YES we agree and this is in Tony Petts approved program mentioned earlier in the minutes.

Meeting closed at 12.41 pm  


Date of next meeting 24th October at 10.00 hours in the clubhouse.


Actions to be taken

JA to advertise Boccia for Your Leisure 

JA apologies that she won’t be at AGM as she will be on a rearranged Cruise courtesy of Covid 19

BW to source pens at a reasonable cost

BB to speak to CR re Constitution

BB to speak to MH re ongoing actions on fixtures etc.

CF to email CR with corrected wording and other info

CF to prepare all documentation for AGM and mail to all full members by 30th October