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GPC Meeting March 2021

Attendance:  Bob Barclay, Andy Ennis, Carol Fisher, Mark Hinds,  Bob Waters, Val Winch.


Apologies:  Dean Prescott, Daphne Smith


Meeting opened at 10.00 hours according to Covid 19 Regulations and socially distanced.


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by All and seconded by All.   A long time since the last meeting in September 2020.


Chairman:  Stated his appreciation for Carol Fisher’s work on Tennis membership and management.


Matters Arising

AGM to be delayed until November 2021

Proposed re-fit to be put on hold until further clarification of this years income, due to the Covid situation. TDC have agreed a reduced fee due for plan check & consultation with KFRS as a previous full fee paid


Treasurers report (V Winch)                      


About 7K less than this time last year with items due to be paid in April £570 approx affiliation fees, £625 TDC rent, and green maintenance from Groundcare figure unknown.

Grant not yet received.

Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

The Tennis courts can be re-opened for restricted play from today, the paid up members have been advised by email.

I have 11 membership enquiries for Tennis from our website. I have also 11 membership enquiries for Bowls. These will  to be contacted by phone or email to see if the individuals are still interested.

Polling Station booking for 6th May 2021  - Mick Davis will take delivery of equipment this time but will not be a Key holder after this season ends.  - TDC to be contacted for site risk assessment prior to booking.

I have some fixture queries to discuss.  We cannot cater indoors until Step 4 on 21st June,

The Tennis court 1 booking for 1st May has been cancelled until September Elliot of EJMSL combines 4 sports Golf, Bowls, Snooker and Darts – 2 of them cannot take place at present.

Gavid Vickers runs tennis coaching across Thanet and would like to extend the presence to Birchington met him today at 9.30am – GPC agreed to a trial period of junior coaching.


Fixtures (Mark Hinds)

Many queries by all around catering – it was resolved to ask visiting teams to bring their own refreshments until we are able to reopen our kitchen.

EKTL 3 triples at home and 3 triples away each time and play in Greys.  CWL 3 triples at home and 3 triples away each time. Match fee dropped to £2 take own food as no tea and biscuits being provided.

Diana Hughes Ladies Captain and Bob Waters Men’s Captain need to be made aware of developments as they evolve. All should be finalised by 12th April.

Club house will have to be cleaned by TDC on 5th May prior to Polling day on 6th May, therefore roll ups not allowed on 6th May and may be restricted on 5th May.

Kent Presidents on 19th May has not yet been finalised, Catering not possible and outside only TO BE CONFIRMED.

Fixtures list to be produced in house as soon as possible.


Maintenance (Bob Barclay & Andy Ennis)

Alarm check done early, when called to correct fault in Kitchen door, small charge  but no call out fee.

New fox wire installed,

Set up day to be on Monday 12th April at 9am, Website announcement asking for many hands, including repainting of outside of clubhouse.

Gardens(Andy Ennis)

A very good turn out on Monday 29th March about 8 people very pleasing and great help. The Edges grass mower has gone for repair.


Alan Back is back to help with this.

Social (V Winch) 

Very soon after 21st June we will have a social evening ON SATURDAY 26TH JUNE with bowls and food possibly BBQ maybe bring your own or to share depending on personal preference. Bar can be open by then. 



VW -      Social members will have to resume paying £2 per game this year, the Full member must collect and issue receipt. Roll ups for Social members will be 10 am to 12 noon each day. This will be communicated via email to all known addresses and otherwise listed on the website.

Look to purchase wall mounted Hand Sanitisers for at least 6 locations. To remain Covid 19 compliant.

Carpets to be blitzed and window cleaning bi-monthly – wait until we know what Deep clean TDC need to do prior to Polling Day.

Sweepstake money from last year will be activated this year,

Hut duty and tea duty cannot be finalised yet,

The bar will be restocked but with a limited range intitially.

BB – Has been seeking applicants for Men’s Captain – but no interest.

Press Officer – Dean Prescott has been asked.

Ladies and Men’s IOT are filled by Pam Back and Bob Barclay

Competitions Secretary - needed

Liz Prescott has produced a poster for Open Day on Saturday 29th May approved with tweaks to be displayed in the village.

President roles to be either Male or Female – to be discussed at the AGM in November.

BW – He is prepared to be Men’s Captain this year, he is also IOT Secretary. Alan Back will look after Premier.

IOT pre-season meeting to be confirmed.

CF – The management company of Minnis Bay Apartments would like to hold a meeting in our clubhouse asap  for a hire charge, the GPC agreed to this – Date 14th April 2021 3pm to 5pm.

Tony Petts and Christine Rogers have responded positively to helping out on the Open Day Tony is a Level 2 coach and has some flyers  - I will contact him and Christine with our thanks

I would like to review the Tennis and Bowls Charges (2013version) – As Tennis members are automatically Social members who can play Bowls for £2 per game, therefore I believe that any Social members should be able to play Tennis for £2 per game (2013 version says £3) We need to rationalise all charges. This was agreed and the charge for NON members to play tennis has been increased to £5 per hour for Adults and £2 for juniors

Below is a proposal by Mick Davis - “If the building is going to be improved this financial year then ways of raising funds among our members needs to be promoted. Club fees are rolled over so I would propose that each time a full member plays on rink either a roll up or match they volunteer a donation £2 is my suggestion. I would be willing to take part in a fund improvement scheme. Maybe a £1000 donation pays club fees for 2 or 3 years. This may prevent the club using up all its funds. For discussion at your earliest GPC meeting.  If we can cover the  annual estimate of running costs the funds would start to grow.

It was discussed by all and resolved that this is a matter for the AGM in November.


The meeting closed 12.00 noon       


Next meeting will be on Thursday 22nd April at 9.30am