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GPC Meeting 25/10/2021

Attendance:  Andy Ennis, Bob Barclay, Carol Fisher, Dean Prescott, Bob Waters and Val Winch.

Apologies:  Daphne Smith and Mark Hinds

Meeting opened at 10.00 hours according to Covid 19 Regulations and socially distanced.

Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Dean Prescott and seconded by Bob Barclay

Chairman:  Welcomed all attending then opened the meeting.

Matters Arising

This being the Chairman’s last meeting on the committee, he was keen to make sure we remember all members we have lost since the last AGM in 2019. All those were to be included on the AGM agenda for 16th November 2021.

The GPC had been asked to suggest names for a Life membership vacancy. After discussion the overall decision was made and will be announced at the AGM. The criteria for life membership should be at least 15 years member, officer or servant to the club, and the decision to be made by the GPC prior to the AGM.

BW then thanked Andy E for all his work on the proposed building works and for introducing the builder this morning who has quoted most competitively and answered all questions effectively. This company will also quote for the patio area and will be able to complete before the start of next season. A final decision to be made.

If the proposal regarding President and Vice President is carried by the membership, then onwards it will be a committee decision to pick the candidates. For instance Christine Rogers will be President for 2 years followed by a Man who will then be President also for 2 years.

The Honours Board will then be amended to include a column to represent MARY BRILL holder for the year.


Treasurers report (V Winch)                      

Just under 5K less than this time last year but we hadn’t yet had the 2nd grant from the government.

Bar takings 20 September to 24 October                                                    1751.08

Stock spend                                                                                                              833.67

Received from Sirens Netball £80

Card machine being used well and money comes in quickly to the club account.

Groundcare & Mowing bills were received after our meeting but on the same day at £3179.52

Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

KCBA booking for 7th August 2022 Cox Cup divisional finals, I have responded by email, late and my mistake for not acting earlier. I had assumed that Paul Proctor would do it, he has thanked me and apologised to me.

Renewal for tennis members were sent out 23rd Sept – cards for 24 renewals issued to day 18th October -many not renewed yet. Any renewal from now on will be at the full rate, Pro Rata is only applicable in the first year.

MBRA want to book the club for 29th November 5 pm to 7 pm at £40 as usual, this was agreed.

Must get Bob Waters to sign the minutes for September please, Done. Ask for Men’s Captains report for the AGM this was discussed and will be delivered direct to the audience on the night.

I have emailed to Diana for Ladies Captains report and to Christine for Competition Secretary report for the AGM.and these have been received.

I have received one proposal for the AGM before the 19th October deadline.

Plus  - Apologies from Pat Perryman and Jerry Sullivan who will be on holiday

KCBA competition entries – mid November – Ladies forms have been emailed to Mo Hayes. Men’s will be ready soon.



Fixtures (B Waters)

Broadstairs and Herne Bay have applied to the CWL. Barham, Margate, Cliftonville and Ashford Town having trouble getting 6 triples, a proposal has been put forward – if only 4 or 5 triples available then 1 point will be awarded to the opposing team. BB reports that the Isle of Thanet Bowls Association have asked Birchington to Host the match on 24th September 2022, this will be whites only plus a meal (green fees and meal charges to be agreed) 

Refurbishment & Maintenance (Andy Ennis)

After this mornings visit the builder will be producing a schedule of works and a time frame.

It maybe possible to combine the planned outside patio area with the same builder, hopefully keeping costs down further. We have the finances in place for this and will choose the most appropriate use of the funds.

VW is keen to use our funds before calling down from the BE loan facility. Income from events and hiring is likely to cover any interest rates.

Andy will give a presentation to the AGM outlining the plan for all the outside work to be done first.

Gardens and Green (Andy Ennis)

New members seem to be more enthusiastic to help in the gardens but we do need more help from all.

The green is looking lovely and all feeding etc. has been carried out.

We may be shutting down too early by about 2 weeks we need to consult with Groundcare on this but we could perhaps use 2 more weeks of roll ups in a year if the temperature is right.

Social (V Winch) 

Bingo was well attended and most regulars returned.

Canasta on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday Evenings is going well also.

The race night was a great success. Less full members than Social though.

The quiz night has 3 new social helpers to do the food (ploughman’s)

Christmas raffle will be a Tombola style and prizes will be of Quality not quantity.

The Bar needs to be open for all these events.


BW – Walking Football I was challenged recently by someone who purports to run the group he was quite bombastic and did not want to to listen to reason, however I established a reasonable rapport with the one who is in charge. They were complaining about having to take down and put up the tennis nets plus get out the goal posts as it impinges on their time on the pitch. I explained that we are not a leisure facility, but the courts are local resource at a very low rate. It does only take 5 minutes to do and no one will complain if they arrive 5 minutes earlier to do the necessary as they are not likely to affect the tennis members.

They are now paying £20 per hour irrespective of how many play. They will look after the balance collected and use this to fund the low attendance times.

DP – Club shirts, Taylor do one for £30, but the material is not liked by all, He will speak to his friend and take one of our original shirts for comparison as this is the Mercier Cotton that most people like. He will also proceed with sourcing a new flag.

BW – Phone numbers and contact details to be held in the club for Social members. To cover instances when need arises to call either for help or to return an item left behind. We must ask the social members to give permission for a number to be held against their name for emergencies. Bob may include this in his address to the AGM but we will have to email out to the social membership as well.

AE – As we now have so many social members should we create a Social Member Group meeting in the new year. TBA in 2022

Floodlights for the tennis courts, held in abeyance(it is not practical).To many residents would be affected.   

Boule or Petanque has been suggested and could well be accommodated on the side grass area, a court needs 12 x 3 metres in space.

VW – Sue and Simone did not play their final game. Neither want to claim the game so the money will be put back into club funds and there will be no Club Champion for 2021.


CF – circulated a draft agenda for info and critique to all gpc  members asking that they advise any changes as soon as possible. The aim is to send out the full set of documents by email and post or hand delivery on 26th or 27th October.

The meeting closed 11.59 am      


Next meeting will be arranged after the AGM