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GPC Meeting 17th May 2021

Attendance:  Bob Barclay, Andy Ennis, Carol Fisher, Mark Hinds,  Dean Prescott, Daphne Smith Bob Waters and  Val Winch.

Apologies:  None


Meeting opened at 10.00 hours according to Covid 19 Regulations and socially distanced.


Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Daphne Smith and seconded by Bob Barclay


Chairman:  Welcomed all attending and opened the meeting.


Matters Arising

BW has in investigated Sum-up for card payments within the club, a discussion took place and it was agreed to pursue further the version that runs on 3G.  More information will be available at the next meeting. DP will report. 


Treasurers report (V Winch)                      


About 3K less than this time last year. Still waiting an invoice from Groundcare since autumn renovation.

Bar takings 23 April to 16 May                                                                       409.95

Stock spend                                                                                                         220.00

Not counted in the stock spend are the barrels which will come out of the account next week.

Secretarial Report (C Fisher)

The LTA have hijacked Clubspark Booker app which will not work as we are no longer affiliated to the LTA. We need to find an alternative system.  After some discussion Dean suggested that we have a Facebook page dedicated to the tennis membership for them to exchange details and book games, this would be admin free to us and we can still advise them of Block Bookings as they occur. A very good idea which will be implemented as soon as possible.

Sovereign did not attend during the past week, probably due to weather. I will get in touch to rearrange, bringing some new nets for Netball and Basketball.

The junior tennis coaching started last week and was well attended.

Carmel Court AGM date now confirmed to be Monday 26th July with Mo O’Connor of Caxton’s – CLUBHOUSE WILL BE UNAVAILABLE TO MEMBERS FROM 6PM TO 8PM THAT DAY

I will need to chase TDC for a purchase order to raise an invoice for polling day.


Fixtures (Mark Hinds)

Changes are happening on a daily basis, the website is amended accordingly therefore must be taken as the LIVE option.

Numbers for organised matches has been raised to 48 but roll ups are still limited is 30

Our Men’s Captain intends to hold a collective induction and introduction to all members including all new since last summer he will be notifying a date as soon as possible.


Maintenance (Bob Barclay & Andy Ennis)

Monday mornings more people are needed, a note will be put on website and Facebook for full and social members to volunteer to give some time for maintenance and gardening. 

Pipework for the bar is still being pursued via the brewery, Andy will deal with preparation and sighting . He has also sought another quote for the refurbishment works. The loan from BE is progressing more info sought from contact who is available Tues/Wed/Thurs each week.



Gardens(Andy Ennis)

We should encourage both full and social members asking for volunteers to give some time for maintenance and gardening. Those that already have plots facing Herschell Road must maintain them regularly.



The green is playing well.  However the starlings seeking leather-jackets are making small holes, the green was treated with Nematode last Autumn and cannot be done again until at least September.

The rinks are being rotated and the bricks moved regularly to ensure even use, so the direction of play is moved for evening matches on a regular basis. It is only a 5 minute job and we need more people involved.


Social (V Winch) 

First Friday social planned for 4th June Bowls and Nibbles open to all with Bar open.

The planned event for 26th June is still in the planning stage, details will be advised in due course .

Tennis members gathering planned for 30 at a time on Sunday 23rd May in two shifts between 1pm and 4 pm to allow members to exchange contact details for play purposes, bar will be open throughout.



1)DP Artwork needed for Club shirts and flag Dean is dealing with this.

2) VW Teams coming into the club 6 per table and table service only, Tea and individually wrapped biscuits.

3) VW Hut duty and Tea duty will hopefully be reinstated on 1st June DO LOOK AT THE ROSTER TO CHECK YOUR NAME AND TIME OF DUTY.

4) BB Open Day on 29th May 10am till 3pm, all full members to wear club shirt and greys.

5) BB IOT Mens league, he still waiting for the minutes, No Food for Combination or Premier nights.

6) IOT affiliation fee of £55 on needed at first match Jubilee Pairs.

7) AE Will liaise with Paul to sort money for the Westgate Indoor Bowlers and those yet to join.

8) CF Had a call from Leon King re competition entries for ex members, now sorted by discussion.

9)CF Walking Football would like to book a date for visiting team. We need more details but BW will seek info from TM. Home Bowls matches must always take precedent for parking etc. However we will agree to 1st August when the bowls match is away.  The courts must be hired for the duration at £20 per hour,(i.e.£60 for 3 hours).

10) CF Netball booking from Wednesday 20th May at 10am at £20 per hour for the next 10 weeks accepted.

11) CF Netball booking from Monday 7th June at 6.30 to 7.30 pm at £20 per hour for the summer duration accepted.

12) CF  Must arrange a meeting with Tony Petts and Christine Rogers regarding Open Day on 29th May.

13) CF We will suggest to a Tennis coach we know that he pays £5 per hour as a member of the public to use our courts, then charges any of our tennis members his fee accordingly.

14) BW The Men’s Locker list is out of date, any locked ones not claimed by end of month will be opened and allocation redistributed to current members.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR OWN SOON.


The meeting closed 12.05noon      


Next meeting will be on Monday 21st June at 10.00am