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GPC Meeting August 2020

Minutes of the GPC Meeting 10th August 2020


Attendance:  Bob Waters, Daphne Smith, Andy Ennis, Mark Hinds,

Val Winch - Hon Treasurer, Simon Pulling - Hon Secretary

Also in attendance: Bob Barclay, Carol Fisher and Mick Davis

Apologies: Jenny Emms

Meeting Opened at 10.02 am

Approval of previous minutes

Minutes of the GPC meeting of the 23rd March were proposed to be approved by Bob Waters and seconded by Mark Hinds and the minutes were accepted and signed by the Chairman

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the last GPC meeting.

Minutes of an ‘Up-date Meeting’ held 21st May 2020 were presented and were proposed to be approved by Val Winch and seconded by Mark Hinds.

A report on an E mail of the 2nd June 2020 sent by Bob Waters was presented

The proposal to open all 6 rinks was voted upon:  For 2 : Against 4

The proposal to dispense with the system of prebooking rinks was voted upon: For 4 : Against 2

Bob Waters reported on other club activities and the possibility of arrangements for an interclub meeting.

Treasures Report

Total funds held at the 9th August 2020 were approximately £12K greater than at the same time in 2019 which in the main was because of the £10K grant received from the Thanet District Council. Val pointed out that the club will notice the decrease in funds next year when there will be little or no subscription income received because of the carry forward of subscriptions paid in 2019 amounted to £7,500. All ground care costs up to the end of April had been paid. The water Bill received in June had been paid £507. The water meter reading was consistent with the amount of water used to water the greens. Each automatic watering used between 4/5 cubic meters and hand watering between 3 - 4 cubic meters.

The summer has been extremely dry and since the June water bill was issued the club has used 131 Cubic as against 191 Cubic meters for the period of 3 months March to June. Rubbish collections have now restarted on a 4 weekly basis instead of the fortnightly collection

Secretary Report

There had been plenty of e mails received from Bowls England that had been forwarded on as necessary, but other than that there was nothing to report upon in the period to 10th August 2020

Green Report

It was reported that there were possible arrangements in hand for further internal club matches. The electric wiring used to discourage fox intrusion was not working properly and the cost of repairs and possible replacement was being investigated. Tony Petts had offered his services to act in emergency to cut the grass.

Bar Report

Careful management use of bar stock had resulted in all stock being used within’ best before’ date. Further discussion on using card machines rather than cash for payment at the bar and it was decided defer any decision on this  for the time being.


Fencing repairs were needed to the tennis courts and gate and AFS Fencing are to provide a quotation for the work. Because of Covid19 there were severe restrictions in the use of the tennis court area for walking football and netball.

It was decided that the loan from the LTA should now be repaid. The balance at present outstanding was £4,500 and this would be paid when the next instalment of the loan became due for payment.

Officers 2021

It was reported that at the next AGM, in addition to the appointment of a new Hon Secretary there were 3 vacancies arising on the GPC


It was reported that Mick Davis would not be organising the Bingo sessions as and when they could be resumed.

It was still intended that Thanet College should be involved in the internal building works that were planned to be started in January/ February 2021

It was reported that the club was still awaiting a decision from Thanet District Council in respect of the level and cost of the building insurance renewal. This matter was being dealt with by Andy Ennis.

The meeting closed at 11.34am.

The next meeting would be 12 October 2020