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AGM minutes 2021 part 1

Meeting opened at 18.30 hours


In memoriam – Of those we lost in 2020 and 2021 – Tom Blair, Roger Connell, Charles Dean, John Hill, Alan Bown, Andy Mitchell and Ron Smith


1 -Presidential Opening

The meeting was opened by President Mick Davis


1a -Presidential Address

I would like to welcome all members to the 2021 AGM, we have lost many members and family members over the past two years. Our chairman would like to include a minutes silence in his opening address in agreement with my own wishes.

The club, despite a number of cancelled matches, have completed several matches home and away under restricted circumstances. Well done to all players, several members have had success in competitions and have been supported by club members.

I would like to thank the club captains for all the extra work they have done, to ensure teams are available for matches. 

The GPC have had a difficult year, and I ask for a round of applause for them, and all volunteers who have helped the club since the last AGM.

I now ask the Chairman to start the meeting


1b -Chairman’s Address

Bob Waters then took over the chairmanship of the Annual General Meeting.

“I would like to ask you all to remember our 7 members lost in the past two years – a brief profile of each for those of you new to the club, Tom Blair a long standing member and treasurer for many years, Roger Connell a member who had to give up through ill health, Charles Dean (Deano) who was a great supporter of our Bar, John Hill former member and auditor, Alan Bown a benefactor who helped fund the tennis courts upgrade. This current year Andy Mitchell taken much too early and a great friend to us all and recently Ron Smith another true friend and both of them examples of good members who gave so much help to the club in all areas.”

Please stand for 1 minute’s silence. - This was most respectfully done.


Thank you, now I would like to thank Terry Dunn our chairman and GPC member who had to stand down for health and family reasons, he has been very supportive of me when I took over as chairman.

I would like to thank Andy Ennis for his diligence in bringing the building work together and handling the various elements of the task. Planning consent, quote handling, these ranged from £20k to £50k and in the end a builder recommended by the architects office has come in at £20k and can start in January 2022. He is Phil Missey and says 8 weeks will be feasible.  He knows it must be finished by April.  His quote does not include internal décor so we will be calling on all our handy-people to take on some of this finishing to our liking.  The new proposed Patio area is not included in the quote but we hope that Phil will advise if he can take on this as a reasonable price.

There will also be new outdoor picnic seating needed. This will enhance out social space and improve things for us all.   


We now have a social events group of members (drawn from full and social) with new ideas and willingness to chip in with all aspects of the tasks.

The first event was well attended, we have a Quiz night this week on 19th Nov

Xmas event 18th December

A Quiz night

Murder Mystery Night

Music and Entertainment Night

Canasta on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings

Board games to be introduced

Bingo on Friday afternoons

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2 -Attendance:

Voting Members              33

Junior Members               0

Social Members                1

Apologies                            9


3 -Approval of previous minutes

Proposed by Alan Back, seconded by Paul Proctor

Minutes accepted by all those in attendance


4 -Matters Arising

There were no matters arising


5 -Treasurer’s Report

The small loss we made this year of £1772 was helped by the Covid grant of over £11,000 we received in April. The grant covered the loss of income from the subs that we held over from the previous year and that we were unable to hold any social events during last winter. We also paid off the loan we had from the LTA when we refurbished the tennis courts

All in all I believe our finances are healthy and with the prospect of a full winter of social events and a full bowls season next year we will be able to cover the cost for the proposed alterations to the clubhouse. We do have the promise of an interest free loan from Bowls England to help.


Thanks to the accounts examiners who make sure the accounts are in order.


Are there any questions?

Can the accounts be adopted?


Christine Rogers asked for clarification of the loan is it interest free?  Yes it certainly is and over 7 years although a one off admin fee of £1400.  We will draw down as required if we need to although we hope to fund most of the improvements from our accounts.  The loan does not have to be taken in full, so we will be creative in its use.

It was also mentioned that the club received grants from the Government in 2020 and 2021 totalling £21,366 for loss of income and this has been most helpful.


Andy Ennis – The builders quote does not cover Electrics therefore additional costs will be incurred, nor is the internal flooring, tables, chairs and décor. Our handy members will be called on a voluntary basis we hope. We do know that elements of the build will be VAT free as it is for the provision of an accessible toilet. The aim of the BE loan is for contingencies but we would rather use this money than deplete club funds too much. It is good financial sense.


Paul Proctor, Barry Elks and Judith Alder and all agreed that the accounts and report for 2021 be adopted. This received unanimous approval.


6 - Secretary’s Report

Due to health reasons Simon Pulling had to relinquish the secretarial role early, therefore so as not to jeopardise the club’s existence, I stepped back into the void as a temporary measure.


Whilst this is a considerable job it can be broken down into two distinct roles.  I believe there should be a Tennis Court/MUGA Secretary and a Bowls Club Secretary.  I have had one of our newest members express some interest in taking on one of these positions. There are standard documents and forms to be utilised for most tasks and I will always be available to guide anyone who needs help, as will our treasurer who helped and guided me in the early days.


Tennis/MUGA Secretary – Process all tennis membership applications and maintain the membership list. Liaise with the treasurer to ensure that fees are paid and recorded, issue membership cards and maintain the integrity of thePage 1 database and the gate code entrance to the courts. Communicate via email with the membership and keep them informed of any block bookings or hire of the various sports courts.

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Bowls Secretary – So, the role as it remains now is to take minutes at the GPC meetings and distribute them afterwards including a copy for the club notice board and website. Process all bowls and social membership applications and maintain the membership list. To liaise as required with TDC or any other agency as required by the GPC. Be the main contact for incoming information from Bowls England, Kent County Bowls Association, Isle of Thanet Leagues etc.

You will get plenty of help from our treasurer and also other members of the GPC.  New Blood is essential to make sure the club grows for the future.

I will answer any questions to help the next incumbents.


7 - Reports        

Men’s Captain. Bob Waters

Thanks to Sylvia and Diana for their help this year, and to all the players, I look forward to working with Sylvia and Barbara next season. There will be a pre-season Men’s IOT meeting and I will feedback on the new structure which is to be discussed.

Barham, Cliftonville and Margate did not play in the EKTL in 2021 and Ashford town Chislet dropped out half way through. Birchington won the CWL in which we lost 1 game and won 11. Well done to us.

IOT Premier and Combination leagues games were run by Alan Back, Andy Ennis and Ron Smith who did a grand job.


The year 2020 was a very challenging and many people chose not to play at all. However following Bowls England Covid 19 guidelines, we did manage to have some matches with the 27 players who did want to take part in the mid summer when allowed. There was a Triples league, a Men’s and Ladies Championship and 3 local friendlies.

Those clubs that did not play at all in 2020 found it hard to restart this year, in Kent as whole about 1400 less membership registrations where recorded.  Birchington however had a good start to the year and we have picked up many new members and this year has been quite successful.


Ladies Captain Diana Hughes

After a difficult and sad start to mine and David's year. It was wonderful to look forward to a bowls season this year and seeing all our members old and new looking well and healthy playing bowls.

I would like to thank Sylvia and Bob for their support doing selection. I also would like to congratulate all the members old and new on winning the CWL league. I would like to congratulate my ladies on winning the Heron league. It was lovely to see new lady members and thank them for supporting myself and Sylvia in the games.

I would like to wish Sylvia all the best for next season. I hope everybody keeps well and healthy,

Ladies Captain.   Diana xx

CF – Stated that Diana was sorry she could not be here tonight but sickness in her home meant she did not wish to bring any germs to the meeting.


Competition Secretary -Christine Rogers.

I would like to thank all the competitors for taking part in the competitions which were arranged at short notice.  I believe everyone enjoyed the competitiveness which was conducted in a friendly manner.

There were 36 ladies and men that entered who played across 18 competitions held between June - September, with the open triples final being played on Saturday 17th July, the remaining finals were held over the weekend of the 18/19 September.

 I would personally like to thank all those who volunteered as markers, scorers, and those who assisted in the clubhouse to make what was a successful and enjoyable weekend.

Christine Rogers.

Fixture Secretary – Mark Hinds

16 games were cancelled this year however most were played as roll ups to allow some activity. We hope the coming season will see more fixtures coming in even if they are local games. Where we have had bi-annual matches we now need to reinstate the Home and Away option to fill the spaces.

It has been suggested that we should forgo the green fee rather than lose the fixture. Social competitions have been suggested. We will have a drive on Easter Saturday which is 16th April 2022. The green will open the previous week to prepare for this.


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